Five Things You Need to Know About Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited



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I've played the game since 1981, my group still plays pretty much every Sunday, and taking forever to see 20th is no big deal because that's not what the game is about.

I remember the caps in the Gold Box series from SSI, but they didn't
matter because you would pretty much hit them and be done with the game
anyway, ditto for Baldur's etc.

But, I've read that on-line it's a different story, doesn't either hitting the cap, or having levels so far apart that only an uber-grinder will ever level up, hurt the game? What keeps you interested? I know this cost the game some players when it opened, so I'm wondering what's different now.




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Okay, so how do they make money on this?

 I really don't want to spend a lot of time on a game only to find it had a flawed business model so all my time is wasted because the game has to close.  or they have to change to a subscription because they can't make enough money in their present business model.




In fact, they will have so much more players with this model, that they will most likely earn much more than ever, even when most players will pay less or nothing at all.

That's a pure win situation. The way it's implemented seems absolutely risk-free.

Check exact details here, Ten Ton Hammer has interviews with in-detail  explanations:

Check also for DDO news, podcast, reviews, pics and videos:

This is a PodCast and news site for D&D Online run voluntarily by players. Be sure to check it out!



Why my downloader agent never worked. I was a beta tester..never got to beta test.



You should ask on Beta forums or check in Technical Suppor beta forums section. I've never had such problems and different PCs, even played and installed DDO:U on laptop.

 Today went another patch for DDO:U Beta, pretty big and positive changes:



Now that the NDA is over, as a beta tester for the game, I can say that it is a blast to play.  The store does not break the game in any way and works as advertised.  You can either grind your way through without paying a dime and still have access to pretty much all of the in-game content, or if you do opt to spend some cash you can get a quck path to some of the unlockable items like the Drow or the Favored Soul.  (You can still get to those classes or races just by grinding, so don't think you *have* to spend money...)


I am quite stoked for when the game goes live.  I'll be a little sad to see my Drow Ranger from the beta go bye-bye and have to start over fresh, but I think it will be worth it to start over again now that I've had time to get a feel for what works and what doesn't...  (But I will really miss that bow I worked so hard to get with the extra 1d6 lightning damage...) :)


Oh, and as for the content that you get "stonewalled" on, I really haven't run into much of that.  There are some quests you have to purchase the content for, but if you're used to playing the pnp D&D game, it's really not much different than having to go out and purchase a module if you don't have it in your collection. And having spent quite a bit on modules in my day, I'm not really as miffed at that as I once thought I might...  If you are in a party and one of the players is a VIP, they can always give you a game pass to join in on the module...

There is plenty of "free" content, so you really won't feel like you're being cheated out of anything...



Several people in the beta have commented that the DDO store has a significant amount of locked content and there is no way before trying to begin a quest to find out if you need to buy it. They report going through the motions only to be stonewalled as they're suddenly told they have to pay to continue. Yeah, sounds pretty awesome to me. I can't imagine how that'd wreck someones time.

 As for it being D&D no it isn't. D&D isn't just a rules set. D&D is also the worlds in which you play. No one has ever had a DM run a game where the land is crawling with heroes all doing the same thing over and over.





 I won't write much, just confirm what an actual beta-tester like me wrote - Xyphus.

game is stunning, fun, fast with fierce action, plus innovative and
original. Though you've seen it all? All Fantasy MMO's are the same?
DDO will surprise you with features you won't find anywhere else.

to use your skills to find a secret passage in normally looking wall or
dead end? Use "Search" skill, which you can train and which uses
Intelligence of your character. Of course, Barbarian may smash skulls
pretty good and easy, but won't use that Intelligence rune to disable
the trap thay might fry him. Nor will he be able to resist much
"Mind-controll" spells, so from a deadly monsters slayer, he might
become a fierce party - doomer ;). Though he can still find magic items
which will make him more resitant to such things or even immune.

maybe you think that blades in trap before you look to deadly to risk?
Ask a rogue, or if you're a rogue - try to disable this trap. You can
succed, you can try more times, and you can critally fail too - this
will destroy the trap-control box you've found, and may even cause you
some damage! But who said adventurer's life isn't risky? Fun, but risky!

there's tons of that. Simply put, no other game offers so much
environmental interaction, so much fast-paced action (to which you can
use your wits - tactics may keep you alive in times of dread!) and that
kid of "party bond" that develops in DDO. Even with random party,
people learn to trust each other, rely on each other etc, especially on
Hard and Elite difficulties. Quick and easy to make friends.

D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited - My honest recommendation.


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Wow, that is amazing, I had no idea dude, none whatsoever!





I'll have to drop in and check it out again.  It's been a long time since I've played it.  I had done pretty much all the content way back when and gotten seriously bored.  Their main issue was very very little content, so it was easy to max out the level and see everything pretty quickly.  The only way to advance was to grind through the same quests over and over.

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