Five Essential Freeware Apps for Making a Web Site!



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Great article, really useful for the beginners. JAlbum is a nicely done tool for not spending so much time photoshoping the images but about the KompoZer, a lot of people prefer the Dreamweaver instead of it. There are some security news saying that the internet explorer can be used to detect what software is used on a computer and the Dreamweaver is on the list.



Kompozer sucks. I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to get it to connect using the same settings as dreamweaver. It keeps adding "ftP" to my publishing address when it's just the website name.



Great article.

 May I point out that FileZilla and KompoZer also have PortableApps versions? I keep those two programs, Notepad++ and KeePass and the sites I'm working on all on a thumb drive. I prefer to use DreamWeaver on my home computer, but with PortableApps I can make changes from anywhere.



 Just to add one more. 1st page 2000 from evrsoft is a great site builder that has three levels of use so the beginner user doesn't get overloaded, and the expert user has everything present.

 They have a newewer version, but I haven't tried it and don't know if it has a free version. 2000 had VERY few issues at the final release, though some of the links embedded in the program are no longer working, or the data used is out of date. the WYSIWYGpreview page works with most browsers, and is almost perfectly acurate.

 Still I recommend taking a look. I tried many manyfree progs before settling on that one. It helped me learn, and allowed me to do some pretty cool stuff.


"There's no time like the future."



Hey good choice on Kompozer and FileZilla!  The Texter app sounds really interesting aswell.  I'll have to check that one out, thanks for the list!


nsk chaos


this information is peachy =)



I use Filezilla all the time in my work. I agree it's a great free app.

Nice article. Good to see you back with Max PC, even if only freelancing. Any podcast appearances in the future?



Alas, I can't really leave the confines of my new job to spend the hour (or two, or three) recording a podcast each week.  But I thank you for the comments nevertheless.  : )

(People actually want to hear me breathe into the mic some more?)



Oh lookie there, its Dave and Magali! Good choice in WYSIWYG editor for simple HTML layouts.



Indeed, you too can check out the glorious for all the latest updates about the zany life of these two, MPC-born lovebirds.

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