First Look: Windows Phone 7 Specs



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Here is the thing people. I have used AT and T, Sprint, Cricket and Verizon. I have traveled to 48 states and visited hundreds of cities, and the ONLY phone that works overall the best is T-Mobile, so regardless of what you say about the phones, that means nothing. The HTC HD7 will only get better and I love Windows 7. you cant get the support and the apps unless you have it. And one of the main things is FLASH for the web, which is non-existant on the HTC HD2 and we all know Skyfire just doesnt cut it and doesnt load anymore anyways. They are kissing the Apple tree. Apple products have been proven to be inferior, so I stay completely away from Apple. Windows mobile phones hands down are better than Android and the Iphone combined.



your magazine said these phones support MicroSD cards but HTC and T-Mobile never made that apparent. Why?



The Surround has the slide out speakers not the LG.  I don't think all the models have microSD, and I think the LJ uses the MicroSD for itss main memory.  but nott sure.



tehR0XX0Rz you see if my smart phone can explore the web download music and do every thing a netbook for the most part then can why waste the money on some thing else that can't fit in my pocket info at my finger tips. I thank MAXPC for show us whats up and coming in this sectors for computers b/c like it or not a smart phone is a computer or sorts at least they are in the eyes of this beholder.



Really only 3 hours talk time on the focus?



As one who is looking for a new phone, thank you for all the info you have been giving.


Fecal Face

I like that LG Quantum phone the best, slide out keyboard beats typing on a touchscreen keyboard any day. Also the SD card slot is nice.

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