Hands On: Seagate Momentus XT 2.5-Inch Hybrid Drive Lab-Tested!



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It is very likely.  i dont feel like explaining,  but you would get problems with alignment, and trim.  its just so wierd.  It would be like putting 2 ssd's in raid 0, just really not a good idea:  Its not that you dont want the speed (we do!) but that even though it is raid 0'd it would not change the access times (which is the absolute most awesome spectacular things about ssds).  i have 2 computers 1 ssd boot (160 mb's read) and one comp with 2 hdd's with 180 mb's read.  Geuss which one loads windows 7 20 seconds faster?.  the ssd.  so yea.  just leave the drive to be.



I am wondering does the algorithm move 'files' or 'clusters' to the flash memory? If two of these drives were put into RAID0, would it cause some sort of error?



However if you have say maybe a docking station with even a 3.5" bay you could use the vr200m. I dont see any reason they have not made a mobile version of this 2.5" drive.

WD6000BLHX is a retail version of just the drive without the cooling adapter to fit 3.5".

WD6000HLHX is the retail version we all know with the above adapter that helps in cooling the drive. (3.5")

Perhaps the drive is 1/10th of an inch to tall (WD could and should have made this drive available for mobile computing)



Wow, how underwhelming...  


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Keith E. Whisman

Actually those are pretty great numbers for a laptop hard drive. I would love to have that drive in this laptop. That is gotta be the fastest laptop mechanical hard drive available today. For the money it's a great deal too. I was thinking about getting an SSD but they are just too expensive. Those numbers are about what you can get with a standard desk top hard drive.



i appreciate the early review, but how about a control group (i.e. a 5400 speed non high-end hard drive) to compare it to?  I have no reference point here because I don't own a high speed drive in my laptop.



We just wanted to get a few numbers up. We're getting a few current-gen notebook hard drives in to test for the actual review.  The Velociraptor was just there because it's one of the few mechanical hard drives we've tested on our current hdd/ssd testbed, so we have concrete numbers for it.



I didn't know they made a 600 GB Velociraptor for notebooks!!

Ok, but anyway, I'm no expert here. So call me out if I'm wrong, but why are you guys comparing this to high end desktop hard drives? I understand why you compared them, but coming from a laptop customer; by looking at these numbers, I'm not exactly sold. Why not compare them to high end LAPTOP hard drives and see how a new hybrid stacks up against them? Such as the Seagate Savvio 10K.3 or the notebook 150GB velociraptor?



Since the connectors for SATA is the exact same on desktop and notebook hard drives. They tested the drives on a desktop system as stated in the fine print, under the benchmarks. Also the 600GB velociraptor is a desktop drive, not for notebooks.



Sorry, I guess I was a bit vague there with the sarcasm. Yes, I know that the 600GB Velociraptor is desktop only. I pointed out that statement because I was confused why it's being tested against high end desktop hard drives, which is what I clearly said on the 3rd sentence. =P

 Sorry for the confusion =)



the 500GB versions are on newegg and tigerdirect for 129.99 already =D

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