Firefox 3: A Browser Odyssey



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The power of Firefox is the add ons and the security of the browser.

Grab the IE Tab add on if you need an IE emulator.

The Firefox add ons are closest thing to getting web 2.0 out to the world.

Check out Ubiquity and you'll be hooked.



Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo



I've used IE7, Firefox and Opera.  I still don't see what everybody's raving about.  The biggest problem with these 2nd party browsers is that sooooooooooooo many websites only support Internet Explorer.  Netflix, almost every TV website not to mention the intranet at work.  I don't care if mozilla includes a BJ with every download.  Until the mainstream websites adopt it it's pretty much worthless.



Hey butters!  Great article.  I love the personas thing you can do with FF3. Keep up the great work!



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Hey look! Yet another article posted before I get a chance to read it in the magazine, which will show up at my door next week sometime! And It's already been here for a few days!

Hell, do I really need the subscription anymore?

Of course I will keep my hardcopy coming to the house, but others won't. It's offensive to see word for word posted free before I even get my paid version.


There's no time like the future.



I've been using Firefox 3 since the early release candidates and now I'm using the official release.


My experience is that it it very fast and very unstable.  The browsing is faster but it crashes several times per day while I'm using it.  The recovery feature seems to work pretty well.


I've tried a couple of the 'Minefield' Firefox 3.1 pre-releases but none of them support the Firefox extensions, so they're useless for those of us that depend on the extensions (like RoboForm).


I can't wait until 3.1 is released.  The 3.0 features are great, the stability is horrible. Still better than IE...



Why use Foxmarks over Delicious (or vice versa).




Personal preference, mostly.

At the time of writing, there were still a lot of problems with Delicious integration to FF3. Foxmarks is also less obtrusive. 

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