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OK, went through about 2 minutes of "spent" and, as expected,  anyone can design a game with a predetermined outcome.  It's not a game, its a request for donations and deliberately designed as such. 



As someone who fits into the low income, blue collar factory worker, renters bracket... I find "spent" plainly ridiculous... lol... 

Although I don't have a kid, or live in Durham...  Where I come from the kids gonna eat if he gets hungry, someone syphoning my gas tank is going to get shot, and the closer to work i.e. the industrial areas the cheaper the rent gets...  Trust me, nobody wants to live next door to a factory if they don't have to...  

Finally, my lowest rent choice is 600 a month WITHOUT UTILITIES!!!$? I think their best advice is, move the hell out of Durham... Jesus, that's a damned house payment... 


One thing I'd love is the 54$ a month for gas to drive 20 miles to work... HAHAHAHA 


finally the account on the left says I have 277$... Gas bill 100$... electric 125$... Why can't I pay both again and cut elswhere? Trust me I can survive on 52$ for 4 days till pay day...   


and to conclude... Who the hell gets paid weekly?  



Spent...I just spent 5 minutes of my life I will never get back. Gawd awful and unrealistic game. I grew up in the same environment as the game play goes...and your right, we got feed and made due with what we had to work with...lol...I cant believe someone expects folks to believe this game is even close to realistic...total crap.



Man...double posted again, thats twice in 48hrs. Cant figure out why this site doesnt have a delete option?!?



4 words:

Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

(Oh, and for those of you who played it back when the whole web was lighting up over it: try it again.  It's been under further development since, and now the extra characters play even more like they did in their original games (Mega Man has the Rush Coil, for example, and Samus has missiles).  And he's even added Ryu from Ninja Gaiden and Sophia III from Blaster Master!



I'm still waiting for Mega Man X Corrupted to be finished.



I Like simple games that you can do when you have a little spare time, its nice. With all the folks out there throwing in their hat, so to speak, there is an unlimited supply of these kind of games...however, you do have to sort through a lot of rocks to find a gem here and there...lol!



Double post...opps.

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