Fast Forward: Hybrid CrossFire for Fusion



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There are already some languages available that abstract away the complexities of multicore programming.  Microsoft's Axum is one.  I haven't played with any myself, but I think it's an interesting topic.  I like AMD's concept here, but I can't imagine the first iterations of their driver being very stable.  It seems like a very delicate and error-prone process to balance computational load like that.  Immensely promising stuff though.



To be fair, it would be alot easier of the coporations that create or back software solutions adopted languages with better support for multi-threading and multi-processing. Very few of the commonly used programming languages have robust support for multi threading and processing.

Its very hard for the software engineers designing a product to also design the tools required to make the product.

Until language support catches up with the hardware, presuming AMDs own tools for using the hardware are good, programmers won't be capable of developing software solutions that can take full advantage of the hardware.


I Jedi

I can appreciate that AMD is trying to take the step further, and offering up the ability to use both the chip set/CPU GPU and the discrete graphics card at the same time. The only problem I foresee is adoption by the programming community to actually take advantage of this unique opportunity to use this new function from AMD. Only time will tell how it fairs.

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