Fast Forward: ARM Embraces 64 Bits



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50/50 are pretty harsh odds to impose upon ARM. I think they're in a little better position than that...



Intel is a multi-billion dollar giant in computing, and Windows is a prime example of a poor product being held on to thanks to prior large-scale adoption (in face of free, faster, lighter, and equally productive *nix distros). I think labelling ARM as having a 50/50 chance in penetrating the server and/or PC market(s) might already be an overstatement...



That's a good point but I think ARM to x86 isn't exactly equivalent to *nix vs Windows. 

Consider the following:

The majority of servers run *nix operating systems. The binaries running on these systems can be targetted to ARM machine code instead of x86 relatively easily. I feel that Windows maintained dominance for a long period of time because it's a consumer product -- amoung other things, people weren't willing to leave their favourite pieces of software.

Secondly, Intel has to maintain backwards compatibility with the x86 architecture. x86 was created more than 30 years ago and it's an unfortunately outdated ISA. ARM already has a far more efficient instruction set and CPU pipeline. 

I don't think ARM will get far into the PC market, but the server market seems like a good opportunity for them.



For the supercomputer market, I can see 64-bits needed just for the memory space. Otherwise, I don't see it needed. When is a cellphone within the near future going to require 4GB+ of memory?



Well, people seem to think that cell phones nowadays require a minimum 1Ghz processor (dual core preferably) and 1 Gb RAM. 4Gb RAM isn't that far off



It seems like this would be perfect for building a supercomputer.  You can use 3 or 4 times the number of CPU's as something like the K supercomputer in the same power and cooling envelope, dramatically increasing performance per watt.

Also, will these run WHS x64?



this mean's that the whole argument that Window's 8 tablets will only run in Metro might not be true? does anyone think this may change the consept of tablets only running the arm part of windows and not the x86 part?

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