Fast Forward: Another Leap For Intel



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Guys, I am not really seeing AMD going out of business anytime soon. I don't even use their products, but I know for a fact they are probably still doing fine. Intel may have the heavy hitting processors, but AMD's got the budget cpus and then they also still have the former ATI graphics cards in their possession. and as we all know, Intel just can't compete when it comes to graphics (Except perhaps video transcoding, thats a different story)



I am only loyal to AMD and ASUS, will take me a lot to drop over a grand just for a CPU when I can get a MOBO and a CPU from AMD for less. 



you must have not heard about Sandy Bridge cpus then. The i5 2500 is about the price for the highest end consumer cpu hexacore from amd, and it beats that in speed as well.

Not trying to be rude, but its true. AMD thinks adding more cores will make everything better (from what I know), but what we really need is faster speed per core, which was what the Sandy Bridge cpus accomplished. the i7 2600k even beats the $1000 hexacore from Intel in most cases.



yeah, with new sandy bridge, intel prices are simalar or cheaper than AMD yet sandy bridge is far superior on every level



AMD CPUs don't even include Hyperthreading-type features.  1 core is 1 thread.  period.  the end.  Intel's always had the leg up there.  I just wish intel would get their head out of their *ahem*.  I mean I wish they'd consolidate on a single chip formfactor already, and make their chips compatible for at least 2-3 generations.  If I had invested in i5/i7 prior to sandy bridge, I would have gotten 0 upgrades from my product.  since I'm invested in sadny bridge, I'll be lucky to see ONE product upgrade.  and while I realize my board will never be able to use some of the advanced features of a XEON class processor, it'd be nice to be able to spend some dough and plop in a 4600 serries for the 8 core/16 thread gooey deliciousness that would ensue without having to spend hundreds for a motherboard with a ton of features I'll never use.

one of the two things AMD has over intel is their forward/backward compatible boards.  You can buy an AMD board most days and get at least one additional generation of processor out of it.  furthermore, I can buy an AM3+ board today, with a low end CPU for $50 and wait until their newest line is out to upgrade.  for intel, I'd have to buy an LGA775 board, then a new LGA2011 board.

The other advantage AMD has is of course their lower pricepoint.  they realize they will never compete with intel for performance, so they try to undercut them by a small fortune.  They succeed.  that's why you'll see AMD this and AMD that strewn about low end laptops.

ATI/AMD Graphics will *NEVER* look as beautiful as NVIDIA graphics.  Period.  The end. (Yes, I've said that twice today, yes I mean it both times.)  They do however manage to do some things better, such as bitcoin mining, and other cryptographic related operations.  I won't go into detail, but suffice it to say they have a few incidental advantages.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

come on bulldozer kick some a**!! or AMD's a** is grass!



This news is three weeks old... ...



I think its actually older. But that's not what this is. Its more analysis than news. I rather like the article for that.

Ironic that this advancement in technology is actually very bad for us consumers. IF Intel keeps making advances like this AMD will just go bankrupt and Intel will be free to hike prices.



Aw geeze, I haven't even finished building my 1155 i5 Z68 yet and now I gotta start shopping other CPU's and mobo's?  Where does it ever end?  Damn that Moore and his law.


Is this really bad news for AMD?  We need comptetition or the prices will be high.  Must be tough to be AMD.  Gotta admire Jerry Sanders for trying though.  (I know he's not there now, but just STARTING a competitor to INTEL took guts.)



Without serious competition lighting a fire under Intel's ICs, I'm wondering if innovation and efficient design will start to slow down again. Happened before when AMD spanked Intel with the Athlon.

With such a tech lead, there's no one spurring Intel to keep pushing itself after these innovations come to market.

We'll see...



This oligopoly industry will soon become a monopoly....



God dammit Intel. Stop making me want to wait to upgrade my processor.



I believe the ASUS motto should be officially sold to Intel.


Intel: Inspiring Innovation, Persistent Perfection


Yeah, that works

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