Eyefinity Performance Preview: The First Benchmarks!



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3600X1920 is oh so tempting



 Now that would be a little crazy to have two of these bad boys running at once! I doubt it would work though...



Whatever happened to those curved monitors that Alienware and NEC were developing?  I would rather invest in one large monitor without all that bezel mess...it looks cheap imo.  These benchmarks show it's not ready for primetime anyway.  You build one of the most expensive computers money can buy right now, and the benchmarks are in the 30fps range.  That's impressive, but too low for the amount of money I would be putting into it.  Especially when newer titles are released and fps drops further, I'd just feel burned in the end.



I just bought my 3rd 23" ACER monitor over the weekend, so now all i need is an adapter (cause i will probably get a regular 5870), and a wallmount or stand. 3 more items and i can have a 3x1 setup. I wonder if, by then, a 6-series eyefinity card be available? i would hate to think that the 5-series is the pinnacle of Radeons.

So if i decide to finish my eventual Eyefinity setup, that means i should Crossfire for more FPS? I guess one card is good, so i hope that maybe you can follow-up with an Eyefinity+Crossfire benchmark article, as well, please?



How exactly are you getting a 5160x1080 setup, each monitor is running 1720x1080? If this isn't a typo (repeated like 15 times through the article), I think more users will be running 3 monitors each at 1920x1080 for a total of 5760x1080.

Also, can you mention what monitors were used for the 3x1 and 3x2 setups?



Is that a spelling error when it's mentioned that 6x2 is a video wall? Because 12 monitors is a lot.. ha.



what if you ran this with 6 projectors with each making a 50" screen?



Not sure if it exists, but if you can get Active Display Port to VGA adapters:
It says you can have a VGA-VGA-VGA setup to do a 3x1. Have two Passive DP to VGA adapters, and one Active adapter? Not sure if that works like that, but it would be awesome if it did.
I agree though, as cool as 3x 50" screens would be... its quite excessive, and not that worth it. A nice way to turn the side of a building into a movie theatre though.

(also referencing this for the active/passive info: http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx)



EVE Online? That would look amazing

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