Experiments in RAM: Memory Myths Put to the Test



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The main problem with running out of RAM on a machine is it swaps like a big dog to the DISK, which is VERY, VERY, VERY slow compared to the RAM.

In your tests, most likely those big apps got swapped out to the SSD - which you never even noticed - because it was an SSD! Had that been a 7200 RPM (or worse, 5400 RPM) disk that was mostly full, well, then you would see the waiting icon even starting that app.

You are getting at least 5X faster I/O to the SSD, and most likely much more than that.

All you proved with the test: If you have a RAM DISK (SSD), then it doesn't matter that much how much RAM you have. Well, Duh. We knew that back in the Windows 3.0 Days.

It would be nice to see the tests re-run using a realistic system. (Although, the Geek you are talking about with the 6GB of RAM would most likely also have an SSD.)

I'm thinking of bumping my system to 16GB (Mac Book Pro - I run windows the way it should be run - in a VM under OS-X :-) )

-Traderhut Games



I have been running 6 Gb of DDR3 at 1600 right from day one so I always thought that the previous article was not well done in that regard. I also am overclocking an i7920 to 3.6 Ghz with air cooling, perfictly stable at 100% load and HT enabled. I can go higher but I want the safety headroom.The i7920 chip has so much headroom it is a true bargan. It takes me 26 seconds from cold start to the Win 7 logon screen and everything else about this rig not only benchmarks very well but it just plain feels snappy with everything I try to do with it so far.

I multitask quite a bit and from what I am seeing 6 Gb seems to be the sweet spot. Nice article.




the story here is related to this article.

but for me more memory is good because you cant have enough memory (RAM) so thats why i cant wait for the 4 GB tri channel kits later this year.



I just bought the critical components to my new AM3 gaming build - and then I read this article. My dreams of gamingawesomeness have just been shattered, but thanks for the info anyway...




Quality information in a well-written article. Thank you.



Well done, Gordon. Well done.



I find it refreshing, that the most ghetto member of the Maxpc team writes some of the best articles/reviews.

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