Exclusive Interview: Microsoft Admits What Went Wrong with Vista, and How They Fixed It



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We will save the users a bunch of time here, the bottom line of the
interview was

"but from a performance, stability, and security standpoint, we’re
satisfied with where Vista is today."

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I waited until SP2 was released before taking the Vista plunge.I had my pc downgraded to xp untill Vista got better with SP2, I don't have a top of the line computer... Hp Pavilion made in 2007, AMD 64 3500 2.2ghz single core cpu, 2gb of ram, NVidia 6100 GPU, It has a score of 3.0 and It runs really good. XP is old and doesnt have as great as security and support as Vista does.I will go on to Windows 7 later on after SP1 comes out before switching.


Masho Bosatsu

 The posters under this article must be on weekend leave from a long-term care facility.

Windows Vista is not at all good, it is not functional as many loony-bin replies claim.

Vista is a junk product. The claims I see here in the comments are delusions and/or lies.

We have Vista Home premium and Business versions on 3 laptops - 2 HP Pavilion and 1 Dell XPS.

My cousin and a roommate have Vista home p and ultimate on a Dell and Asus.

All Intel core2 duo laptops, 2 or 4 gig ram laptops.

In all five of these cases we hate our Vista experience. I've downgraded to XP pro and the others all live in envy when they see me zipping along on my laptop.

The others are still using Vista and we see the craptacity this software is daily -

- it can't do USB transfers. (taking 7 times longer than the same transfer through WinXP)

- its slower to startup and shutdown than the XP machine.

- not a single program we had been using worked on the Vista laptops unless it was patched: Vista had zero ability to run any application we had used on Windows XP. (no compatibility mode)

- wireless networking was harder to maintain, not easier. Vista Standby and Hibernate scrambled wifi connections, the XP machine starts right up and transparently logs back into wifi networks.

- as another poster commented the UI has the ease of use of vomit. I don't doubt that everyone praising Vista does so after being on the sauce.

Its days are over and its time on the market lasted too long.

It never worked, people claiming otherwise are liars. MaximumPC magazine kept using WindowsXP as a benchmark the last 4 years - 'nuff said.

 Next year people will use Windows XP or Windows7 and MaximumPC will mock those who used and hang on to Vista.


For Love or Money



Some time ago, I had tried to tell an application (TortoiseSVN, to be precise) to write some things under C:\Program Files on Vista. Until then, I had no idea of that new restriction and needed to fetch the SVN version of that freeware program I sometimes use.

It's understandable that an application might not be allowed to write to C:\Program Files for security reasons. However, on my case, things went really wrong. The application started downloading and downloading to the new directory it had just created, but suddenly stopped, stating that the file it had written doesn't exist. Puzzled, I tried to open this directory, but Vista told me that it didn't exist. I even wanted to delete it and let TortoiseSVN start fresh, but I couldn't. However, when trying to create a new directory with the same name, Vista told me that it already exists. In short, the files were actually written to C:\Program Files ,  but I had no way to access them. It almost sounded like I had installed a rootkit.

The solution was to disable UAC, and then the directory I wanted appeared automagically. I repeat, it's fine to not allow access to C:\Program Files for security reasons. However, I would prefer a clearer implementation, since the problem was quite cryptical. Instead of writing the files and then hiding them, I would rather have write access denied outright, preferably with an informative message. I needed a way to know what went wrong. The ideal solution would have been a message: "TortoiseSVN is trying to write some data to C:\Program Files , allow or deny?" 



Vista like any other OS by Microsoft, and for that matter, many of the applications they do lives and dies by the Service Packs. Vista isn't nearly as bad as "everyone" is saying. I've been using it for some time and been having an overall "good" experience with it.

Of course, I have high end PCs running it and can't imagine using public assistant or low end boxes to run this powerful operating system.






I build custom Gaming PC's and only use vista 64 bit, never had an issue with the os.....I always have a highend cpu with atleast 4 gb of ddr2 in the systems.


but personally I prefer XP Pro 64


MS Beta Lemming

  In my office we use some programs which are not Vista compatible, in addition there is very little VPN support from other vendors for Vista so we wouldn't be able to use VPN anymore. Not to mention the hardware updates you have to make so the computer itself is Vista compatible. Our IT department shudders at the thought of having to convert to Vista.

  If Vista is so great why does Microsoft have to run adds telling people they are using a new Mojave program and then tell them its really Vista? Does Microsoft have to change the appearance of Vista in order to sell it?



I know it is, because, for months, I believed the bad hype, and wouldnt' go near it. But then, I got a copy of Ultimate at work, and was allowed to also install it at home. (Keep in mind, I am the guy everyone comes to, to fix their computers, and "make stuff work"). I admit, it took quite a bit of effort to make Vista even install (it didn't like the way my HD was partitioned). I also had to fight furiously with it to make it work with my legacy XP apps, the ones that did not have Vista versions, yet, and some of my "old" XP hardware, such as my MS game controllers. We (Vista and I) fought like crazy for two weeks, until, one by one, I got everything I wanted and needed to work on Vista, to work! As for games, once I shoved Quake III down its throat, and tweaked both the game and the OS, I got amazing performance from that old clunker QIII, over 70 fps, in some games. Also, on my gigabit network at home, I experienced none of the lag in the transfering of large files from one machine to another. I do admit to having experienced quite a number of the problems mentioned in the article, but, then I had most of those problems with the release of every new OS! I remember the issues I had with 98, 2k, ME and XP! The problem is not Vista, per se, but the general public's unwillingness to migrate to a new OS with a new learning curve, combined with growing complacency with technology.



2 words to think about: "Backwords Compatibility"

Microsoft probaly forgot this promise they did with their previous releases of their OS's. 



I actually had some experience with Vista. I must admit Im pretty glad I did not install Vista on my gaming computer. I really felt dissapointed on how a new OS (which newer thigns are supposed to be BETTER) could be that slow buggy and certainly annoying. My friends computer had twice the specs of my xp pc at the time, and boy my computer ran so much faster than his. I could not believe how much a computer could suck. It almost felt like running XP on a pentium II. (did u ever try that? really slow...) Crashes due to not enough memory, lots of hardware was not compatible with Vista either. I really hope Windows 7 is more focused on improving performance rather than making windows scroll (i guess...) or something stupid like that. Sure we love graphics, but if we need a $2000 dollar machine to run a OS, I dont think they're worthed.



 This was a pretty big stumbling block in the stairwell of progress, and I'm afraid that bill has poorly navigated that stairwell, hit his poorly designed stumbling block and has managed to stumble down, hitting his head real hard (how else do you explain those million dollar Seinfield "ads" that should just resign on a video sharing service as a pipe dream for other aspiring richer-than-you types such as MTV's Sweet Sixteen and should be renamed M$'s Bill's Antics With X-Gen Favorite Celebritry, actually, bill if it wasn't technically an ad, you should syndicate the show.)  But the FACT OF THE MATTER IS that though M$ is flush with cash, the whole of the IT industry is now unplugged from M$ (except maybe INTEL--we haven't heard from INTEL). The IT world, sorry to say say it, bill, is a zero tollerance feild, and you, due to your two year screwup are no longer part of the party, just a neccessary guest that is excluded from most of the talk, for now or at least a while until those planning a "planned obsolescence" solution for you have finalized their plan and it is more or less ratified and executed by the industry. Maybe there is a future for you in the peripheal/input devices market, who knows? Also your press releases are largely discredited as "phishing expeditions", most developers out there are profiting immencely from the open source model, and have no intention of using C#, PC manufacturers are already testing alternative OS's, IBM, and others are developing Linux as their PC platform of choice, and SUN NOVELL is openly calling vista a "legacy" OS. IT managers are even calling vista everything short of a disease, because it doesn't play nice on mixed networks and they are tired of chapter 6 of "DLL Hell". AND, there is talk of STEAM and that flock GOING LINUX! Maybe, on second thought you had better syndicate that thing you have going with Seinfield, as you might have a lot of years left, and you might need something to live on when you grow old. (Most likely this M$ thing is going to eat all your billions in the next decade!!!)


Linux=the Future NOW!!



I read everything I could find on Vista in '05 and built a new box to be ready when I could start with Vista.

I started with;

GIGABYTE GA-8I955X, 2gb PC-6400 RAM, Intel 840EE CPU, 3 WD Raptors in a RAID 5 and a Sapphire 800GT 256mb video card. From the first CCP vista through the final release it has absolutely flew. this box had XP Pro in the beginning and adtech ile reklam 2.0 dönemi başlıyor ve Trkycmhrytllbtpydrklcktr r10.net seo yarışması Vista is much faster for the apps I run. An electrical surge took out m,y GIGABYTE GA-8I955X so I replaced it with a GA-965P and have went to 8gb RAM timings, web tasarım an HIS IceQ 3850 with 512mb video card and use RAID 0 with my 3 Raptors. I am overclocked to 3.8 and it flys! There is no comparison to running XP. How can MS keep making new OSes with backwards compatibility.



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This year it was a harder task than last year. I'd really hoped to film izle get it down to below a hundred, but there's just too much good stuff. Without further ado, here's



Why do people always connect Bill Gates so closely with Microsoft all the way till Vista? He barely even works at Microsoft anymore, he just works on marketing at tradeshows. Stop bashing the man who followed his dream and SUCCEEDED at putting a PC in every home. Without him you wouldn't be on this site waxing on about Linux and how much Vista sucks, we'd be at least 10 years behind. So forgive me if I think the first half of your wall is completely pointless. 

Open-Source blahblahblah. I love my FireFox, and my Chrome, and my GIMP, and Ubuntu, and all that great stuff, but it will still be a few more years until Linux OSes really move full force into the consumer market. We are moving toward that now, but we certainly aren't there.

Your best chance is with Steam. Get Steam on Linux, and I'll honestly consider moving there full-time. Truth is, the VAST majority of games are written in DirectX these days, OpenGL is an absolute disaster. We are talking the absolute WORST example of Open-Source. DirectX 9 practically destroyed OpenGL, when DX11 comes out, that'll be the finishing blow. After that, maybe we will move away from GFX APIs altogether. MAYBE then Linux will handle gaming. MAYBE. 

My games, native on Linux, not using craptastic OpenGL, if the next version ever gets released.  



I very vividly remember when Windows 95 came out, how people started on how it was bloated, slow, a memory hog etc. They protested by sticking to Windows 3.11 and Dos. Through every version of Windows, people always loudly protested each new release. With Vista, it's the same tired, empty and nasty comments all over again. Do you think Windows 7 will be immune?? No way!

XP is great, but Vista is the future. There are no new additions planned to update XP except for service packs to keep the OS going. If people want to stick with the old, let them. They will have to upgrade sooner or later. Do you really think there are still Windows 98 users that refuse to go to XP? or even Windows 2000 users that refust to upgrade becasuse XP is "bloated"? No! The future will keep going forward with or without them. They can either jump on and be a part of it or get lost in the dust! ..as a matter of fact, I'd like to grind these Vista detractors to dust!  ;) 

I've been running vista without any issues for over 5 months and loving it. I ran it with 1 gig of memory on an AMD chip for 3 of those months with absolutely no issues. It's not slow. It's not bloated. This is just the haters talking and spreading empty lies.

 It's so popular to hate Microsoft, yet most all of those same haters use Microsoft products every day! Oh the irony!

 Whether the Mojavi experiment was staged or not, it still shows how the ignorance spreads. I love that Microsoft gave those Vista haters a big tall glass of "shut up" juice!

 ..I also use OpenSuse and Fedora on another pc and absolutely love them as well. Linux is the future as well and I am embracing it fully. But I know I will always have a Microsoft OS on my pc now and in the future!



this news is pure FUD because it's not an interview by Microsoft



I have home premium 32-bit on my newish laptop, and it is so buggy I am dualbooting ubuntu.



I use vista and I love it!! I first installed it on my older (2005) hp pc with a gig of ram and a pentium d dual core cpu, and it wasn't a good experience, so i downgraded to xp. But then, i got a new notebook with two gigs of ram, and a core 2 duo cpu, and vista ran so smoothly. And when i built another pc, i used a vista home premium instead of xp. It runs like a cheetah. Vista is good if you give it the right hardware. If you have older hardware, that's when vista becomes a problem. Especially older RAID cards, printers, scanners, etc. Driver support for vista has gotten better, especially since it has been out for a year and a half. There is so much s#!++y talk about vista out there, but these people are just saying what they hear everyone else say. Vista is great, no doubt about it.

If UAC is a problem, disable it. If xp is safe without UAC, then why wouldn't vista be? If you have an older pc, don't buy vista since there is no compelling reason to, but if you buy a new pc, get vista, and you'll be happy. 

Vista feels more modern, xp feels like windows 2000 with blue title bars and fancier buttons. Soon, all new software will be vista compatible, so if you have xp, you may end up being able to use older software and having trouble with newer software and games. If a program has compatibility issues, 70% of the time , you could use compatibilty mode and it'll work. 

So people, don't b1tch about vista unless you've used it and actually hated it. I love vista. Nothing can change that (except when it crashes or gives a random BSoD)



For me, it was all about the user interface. It was like going to my favourite grocery store only to find everything was moved about. I just could not be bothered with the new learning experience. For example:

First thing I tried was edit/select all, only to find no 'edit' or anything else

I renamed a file only to find the folder list automatically sorted alphabetically so i 'lost' my file in the sorted list

I tried to copy 500mb of files onto my 256mb usb stick - on XP it will copy until full, on vista it worked out they would not fit on the stick and so refused to copy any files

The list goes on

I don't care what's under the covers, how much memory it user or whatever, I want to user interface (which i know backwards so that driving it is almost automatic) to stay the same



For my main system, I installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit. As with XP, I waited until SP1 was released before taking the Vista plunge. Perhaps that was why I had no problems whatsoever. It was the easiest Windows installation I've ever experienced, and my system is fairly old (Athlon X2 4400+ Socket 939). 

The only drivers I had to download was for a generic b/w laser printer/copier combo from Canon, and of course the latest-and-greatest driver from Nvidia for my 9600GT card.

I love the GUI, and the system is quite zippy AFAIAC. The UAC really didn't bother me much, although the onus should not be on the average Windows user to decide whether or not some vague message represents an actual danger or not; MS really needs to come up with a better system, such as allowing only "registered and approved" applications to be installed.

Since upgrading my main system, I went on to install several other versions of Vista on various machines in the family. So, I don't know what else to say. Speaking only as a personal user and not an IT guy, I have to say that I and my family are really enjoying Vista.  :-\





I have found linux to be a lot less stable than Windows. I found OS X to be awkward to use. I run linux and Vista on all of my pc's and I dread any time I have to go near a mac with their stupid one button touch pads. IMO Vista has the best interface. I don't have any trouble finding anything, and unlike on gnome, hovering over an icon won't launch the app 500 times. I can eject a cd on Vista w/o getting an angry message. I don't hate Linux, I just prefer Vista. I haven't had to hunt down drivers for hours on Vista. Multimedia buttons actually work on Vista. The cube is kind of neat but quickly becomes a pain. I had to go find another browser to download when I installed Linux because firefox sucks so much. I do like the Linux command line better, but I don't have much use for the command line on windows. Linux's silly acronyms get annoying and kind of show that a lot of people who worked on it just see it as a toy and the entire project isn't composed of serious developers. The argument over which Linux distribution is best will never end. I never understood this whole mac vs. pc business anyway since a mac is a pc w/ OS X installed instead of Vista or Linux or whatever. Stop with all the Microsoft hating. Vista is a good OS. Linux is good too. If you like OS X, then more power to you, it just wasn't working for me. Use whatever you like but there's no reason for pc related site our there to be ripping Microsoft and hailing the iphone as messiah 2.0.



"We sat down with Microsoft to hear the company’s side of the Vista story."

I was expecting to read a transcript of the actual conversation. Instead, I get two pages of review before I read anything about what Microsoft had to say. When I began reading this article I was having trouble discerning whose voice it was written in. Was it Microsoft speaking about themselves as if they were someone else or was it the author's voice? I think it should have been stated up front how this article was to be presented.






I still see people bitching about VISTA I have used VISTA starting with RC2 and the only problems I ever had even with the early version was drivers for my sound card and no support for an older scanner. Drivers for my sound card came out soon after the retail version was out - I have Vista installed on 4 computers 2 Dell laptops, 1 Gateway desktop and my own home built rig. I use the ult. 64 bit version on mine all others use the 32 bit  Home Preium version, I have only ever had one blue-screen and that was just a few days ago on my laptop. Other than that I have had no major problems and only a few minor ones.Overall I find VISTA to be better than XP - but it could use a few tweaks in speed area - internet and file Xfer.  Just my 2cents worth.



not everyone is using dell or gateway. The big boys make their own machines that can trash dell, gateway, and hp in ACPI sleep mode


XP pwns Vista

Why are they pushing Vista on us?! First they remove XP from the stores, and then, at the end of July, they made it next to impossible to buy an XP over the internet. I had to pay about $200 extra dollars to get a new XP laptop over the internet. Where I live, there are a few small computer dealers nearby. One sells only used XP computers, and when I asked how buiness was going, they said that buiness was now booming. Then there were two other stores nearby, and on their billboards, were the words, "WE SELL VISTA TO XP DOWNGRADES!" And they too were flooded with buiness. Someone would buy a new Vista system, and then go over there, and have XP installed. Either Microsoft wants to run their company into the grave, or else, make people not want to buy their products.

 I mainly got my new Vista for writing reports, and gaming. I had this new release game with high end graphics, and got a supposedly super powered Vista that would play them. So I installed it, and a list came up of items not installed. I needed a new graphics card, memory card, etc. It would have cost me an extra $450 dollars to get those items.

 Finaly, most of the games I played on my XP don't run on Vista. My older XP is too slow to play the games now. I end up selling most of these games at yard sales because they won't work.

 There are a few good parts to Vista, like security. I once got locked out of my own system because it didn't "recognise' me.

 And the gadget bar is awsome!

 For those who like Vista, good for you, but I'm going to try to hold out for another year or so.



My biggest problem with vista is the third party support from manufacturers who make drivers for their hardware. So far I've come across so many blue screens from Nvidia it makes me sick. It's either their video cards or their chipsets tanking my vista system. It took them a long time to come up with 64bit drivers after x64vista came out. This whole year I thought my board was crapping out, but upon returning to my old 2007 drivers everything was stable.

And let's not just fault nvidia who's notorious, but also Asus and Abit and all the rest of those motherf$%&*ing taiwanese companies that are selling their $hit on our shores at sky high prices without doing QA on their products leaving the US consumer with dead unlisted phone numbers to call.

That just really pisses me off.

However, at least M$ has a phone number you can call even if it is spelled 1800-fai-lure


I for one welcomed vista. To me it is helping bring about a rift between computer users that is long overdue. It is time for people to realise thata great percentage of these issues are USER CREATED ERRORS. i have used vista since late beta and i will agree that ther are a few flaws that should be addressed, but vista is no lame horse. UAC is a major issue but it can be disabled. Missing data? probably brought on by UAC and vistas virtual store feature. (moves some program files data to a hidden folder in user data) Blue screens can be read and fixed. the point here is, if youre not willing to LEARN how to use your computer, you shouldnt use a computer. To call windows vista a failure is to call yourself a failure. Need i remind everyone of how windows XP was hated when it first came out, and how people hung on to 98 way too long? (And in my opinion impeded the growth of the industry as a whole.)  if you arent comfortable with these issues then please, move on to mac. Dont even begin to tell me that this statement is too harsh. Would you read my reply any differently if this article was about some linux distro and i told people to step down to windows? The short answer is no. TL:DR Step up and learn, or step down and float.



The majority are not USER CREATED
ERRORS... poor memory management, poor pricing/version model, poor
implementations of good ideas... all fall on the shoulders of
Microsoft. It's a fact that when an OS comes out of the gate it
will always have a wide range of issues Vista simply had more.
Foolishly blaming these issues on Users simply because you are a MS
fan boy is just pathetic. I mean come on... why should someone
have to learn OS internals just to fix Vista enough for it to be
usable. Buying a computer or more to the point an OS is no
different than buying any other product, it works when you buy
it or you return it. If you want to learn how an OS works get Slackware for free, if
you want a OS that works out of the box you get Ubuntu or buy a Mac,
If you need a MS OS stick with XP, and if your a fan boy who wants
pay for the right to fix a poor OS you get Vista.




I never felt myself so lost when using an OS in all my proffesional life. The whole control of everything is in the hands of other people. Backdoors and calling home are now an essential part in the OS. No need of viruses!



I really havent had many of the problems that people would complain about with vista, even with a P4 and 2gigs of DDR2 667.  Now I got a quad core and 4 gigs of 1066 and I really don't even notice a difference, except I can play Crysis now.  And yeah, I never really had any problems and SP1 only made it better.  I am having trouble finding a good, free antivirus for 64 bit Vista, anybody got any suggestions?



I use avast for my copy of 64-bit vista prem. It was the only 64-bit virus protection I could find that was free.

On an off note, I was angry at CA because I get it free from my cable plan, and it didn't have 64-bit support. 



except people who don't know how to use it or buy it.  And yes I'm using 64 bit.  Works fine.  SP1 just made it better.



The new audio mixer only removes control users used to have.  Really, there was never anything preventing apps from having their own per-ap level control, programmers could always put a slider control to scale audio within a program if they wanted to include it.   But previously, we could control different input ports and sources and control monitoring functions and disable interference from Windows sounds.  And a program used to be able to record and restore mixer settings so that the system hardware could be restored to EXACTLY the same state as when it was recorded  - very important for audio mixing or test and measure work. But no more.  Now there is just a lame slider for each app that mixes in with other sliders that can't be controlled from the one app, and that's it.  Even finding a balance control takes a series of mouse clicks in this turkey.

Worse,  the designers of the new Vista audio scheme clearly didn't understand the reasons for having recording level controls. You have recording level controls to maximize the dynamic range of the recording converters in the sound hardware-  the goal is to record at the highest level that doesn't overdrive ("clip") the converter, because that is what gives you the highest signal to noise ratio and the lowest distortion.  There is NO other reason to adjust record levels going into (or appearing to go into) a single soundcard,  this data can always be scaled again later, if desired, from a highest quality recorded track.  So why on earth does Vista provide a "software" record level slider (assuming you can find the controls page for recording at all!) that can be adjusted to clip the digital data stream before the converter is out of dynamic space room; or to clip the converter without reaching the fullscale value the stream is capable of?  In fact, Vista makes it impossible in some cases for the user to even KNOW whether the input is clipping or not, until after he tries to play back the mess that is recorded.  (Back when the audio recording setup was still designed by someone who understood audio hardware, you could know whether the converter was clipped when it reached a full scale digital word value, and applications could put a clipping indicator to tell you when that happened. Now the app has no idea whether the record data it sees is near maximum or not, the useless software recording level control can scale it to be anything at all!  So now we get to adjust levels by trial and error by reocording and playing back over and over.  What fun.).

While I'm on an anti Vista tirade (and yes, I do have to work with it, and yes my hardware is capable, and yes, I have yet to find any good reason for Vista to exist other than to require better hardware):   It seems to me that the issues from older software using "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Windows" could have been better handling by letting new apps (and the Vista system) use SOME OTHER NEW FOLDER/DIRECTORY NAME and let the legacy apps still have access to places that they could use before.  Why make existing names be special and priveleged, when making up new names costs nothing (and wouldn't have crushed all the apps that used to work)?



Vista is still crap...

 No offense, but the only thing that it offers is a pretty Gui.

Depending on hardware it is slow, and far from stable. Many applications freeze up when they shouldn't. It goes on and on.  I am using Vista 64. And Vista 32 is just as bad as 64.

 Vista could have been great, but I believe they rushed it.

Hopefully Windows 7 (and yes I know it is built off of Vista) will be better than Vista is.



I read everything I could find on Vista in '05 and built a new box to be ready when I could start with Vista.

I started with;

GIGABYTE GA-8I955X, 2gb PC-6400 RAM, Intel 840EE CPU, 3 WD Raptors in a RAID 5 and a Sapphire 800GT 256mb video card. From the first CCP vista through the final release it has absolutely flew. this box had XP Pro in the beginning and Vista is much faster for the apps I run. An electrical surge took out m,y GIGABYTE GA-8I955X so I replaced it with a GA-965P and have went to 8gb RAM timings, an HIS IceQ 3850 with 512mb video card and use RAID 0 with my 3 Raptors. I am overclocked to 3.8 and it flys! There is no comparison to running XP. How can MS keep making new OSes with backwards compatibility. They cannot move forward if they keep supporting old hardware. If you use a strong system with Vista, you'll never look back. It is fantastic!



How can MS keep making new OSes with backwards compatibility.
They cannot move forward if they keep supporting old hardware

This is a categorically stupid argument. Linux has more hardware

support in 2.6 than it's ever had before. There are precious few

drivers which have passed away. Windows supporting old drivers

is one thing. Supporting old hardware should be a matter of course.


The bottom line is that people who use Windows are opening

themselves up to whole new world of pain. They get drivers

from vendors who apparently will never update them to new OSes.

This is the legacy of closed source: Needlessly deprecating hardware.


Even Mac has a better hardware support record than Microsoft. This

whole Vista thing is buried in bad policy and stupid "sales-centric"

decisions. They made back door deals with vendors of all sorts, and

they lost. They changed driver spec just before final publication

which seriously confused hardware/driver developers. Couple that

with an unfortunate year for Nvidia, and you have the driving force

of this debacle.


BTW: Raid0 is the dumbest effing idea ever, for anyone but a fanboy.

SRSLY, good luck when the first drive fails.




well, you're obviously a Linux fanboi and therefore will probably not listen to anything positive regarding anything but Linux, but let me educate you on one (cross platform) thing.

RAID-0 is not meant to provide any sort of data protection.  It's useful under very certain circumstances but it does increase your chances of experiencing failure on a volume.  That's why those who are serious about data protection but need RAID-0 use RAID 1+0.

Use of RAID does not make one a "fanboy".  Every modern OS (Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, etc.) supports RAID.

Before you implement something, you should read up on it and see what it actually does.  Just because it's called "RAID" doesn't mean it's going to protect your data.

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