Everything You Need to Know About Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)



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Pentium 0

i want wireless to work on my ps3!



When are you guys going to start doing guides to make your PC whoop ass with Ubuntu? Or hell, even Arch, I don't care. My point is that dominance will start with entities like you. Thank you for covering this, I hope you continue to do write ups like this, and possibly more.

Why do you have to have Windows to take it to the max?





Keith E. Whisman

Also, I live here in sunny and sain Phoenix, Arizona. We don't have any use for Daylight savings time or the other stuff. We have one time on our clocks here and it stays that way all year long. A politician suggested we join the crowd and get DST and stuff like that and he has since been linched from a large crowd of Arizona citizens with pitch forks and torches. Is it still easy to select Arizona and have DST and stuff automatically shut off?


Keith E. Whisman

Does this distro incorporate support off the CD/DVD for the Creative Xfi sound cards? I have the Xfi Extreme Gamer PCI sound card and I have to manually install the current driver from the Creative website. It works but it would be awesome if my sound card just worked out of the box as it should in Windows as well. I have to do the same stupid thing with even Windows7 and Vista and XP.



be glad you even have access to linux drivers for your soundcard. And does windows ever "incorporate" drivers? i dont think so, they just make generic drivers and you have to install optimized drivers from the manufacturers website anyway.

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