Everything You Need to Know About Nehalem's "Turbo Mode"



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Hi Gordon, thanks for sharing your knowledge on Turbo Mode that I had no clear understanding about before reading this post! Thanks again and keep up the great work here.

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It must be a challenging decision for a computer manufacturer on whether to immediately go with the latest chip, or wait and see if there are any problems, especially if a new technology is involved. Those of you who have been watching the rate of adoption over time, have manufacturers generally been wise to make the leap for obvious marketing reasons?


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Keith E. Whisman

Too bad this wont bring the Turbo button out of retirement.



Then the numbers game will start with heat sinks.  Brand A and Brand B puts out a 150 heat sink.  But does brand A still cool better the Brand B.  Oh no Brand B has a 150 ours will be a 200.  and so the saga continues but who is really going to determine if a heat sink meets that standard.  I am sure it won't be intel.


So MaximumPc will still have to do reviews of heat sinks so we know who brings what to the table, and who is bluffing to get some revenue.



I'm glad to see that Intel gives you the control of how much to overclock in turbo mode rather than being conservatively controlled by on-die logic.



Oh No! The processor is going to talk back to me? "No Jim, You cannot overclock me like that"

Can't Intel Just make a Superfast Rockin' "VanHalem" Proc and Rock from the Start with no O.Cing! hehe ;)



So... in the future when I run my Nehalem in Turbo mode, do I have to yell "TURBO BOOST!!!" before I start up the application to be turboed??  ;-)




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