Everything Firefox Users Need to Know About Internet Explorer 8



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google chrome has a porn button like IE8

just rightclick on a link and click open in incognito  window in chrome



It seems peculiar to me to provide an overview of a browser strictly by way of comparison with a single competing browser. Will the next version of Safari be compared to Opera? I say either create a feature table with all major browsers listed, or simply discuss what's new in this version over the old version. It's just weird.




news flash....... 

this was a comparison of the major browsers all the rest are just wannabes



Just remove the checkmark from Authenticated Sessions when you run Clear Private Data and you will not lose your login information. Am I the only one who pays attention to everything that it will clear when run?



I use the Clear Private Data feature on FF, and I love it.  I have it set to clear everything, as my female cousin likes to show up unannounced and use office on my computer.  That way if she decides to check her mail from this machine I dont have to worry about trying to explain p0rn or what ever else may be lurking in the history.  I know that I could just lock the machine down and giver her a profile but with folding and other programs that I run, I would like to leave it to my ready at a moments notice.



"to eliminate previously visited sites with typos in their URLs"

 That is a great alternative use.  Like many "power users" who occassionally share their computers with  other users, the "awesome" bar has been more trouble than it's worth.  Every now and then one of my girlfriends buddies will check her email on my machine only to be offered several colorful URL suggestions as they type in "http://www.hot" for hotmail.  

 Oh those?  HotPics2000? I can say...those were typos...this damn browser saves everything you put in unfortunatly...here let me delete that...huh, how wierd.



I am surpised that Google CHROME is not all over this site yet. I like Chrome the littly bit i have used it.  The best part about Chrome to which i wish MS would do, is allow each tab to work in a separate process.  I open 7 tabs for my IE 7 home page and it seems each one has to download in order instead of the same time.  and if one tab crashes, i loose them all.

 But Chrome is certainly the ugliest browser, extremely flat and bland looking. It performs well, the builtin search and address bar is cool; simular to VISTA/2008 start menu.



am glad that IE is being improved as much as it is. Sure it's borrowing some features from Firefox, and that's ok as long as they can improve on some of those features. I am not saying that IE is better but sometimes it's good to take something and make it better. It's time to stop bashing IE for the shortcomings and praise it for the improvements it has made. Not everything is perfect after all, it's just taking some time to see the faults and in some cases to fix it... Adobe Flash 9 anyone?






InPrivate Browsing sounds like a nice feature, but I have a simialar feature already turned on in FireFox and its been there since before FF2.  You can have it clear all your private data (cookies, passwords, download history, browsing history, etc.) as soon as you close the browser down.  Its not the exact same as IE8's in that you have to close the browser and not just a window, but it works well enough for me.



From the great people at tom's hardware:



DO i really want to run something that'll slow a computer to a crawl, just so it keeps tabs seperate. It might take longer to get a new tab when you have 10+ tabs vs restarting FF3...



I agree, what's the point of tabbed browsing if all of the tabs run is separate processes. If I wanted every web page I'm viewing to run is separate processes, I would just open mulitple instances of the browser and switch between them on the taskbar. Duh!



Google Chrome has tab isolation.



I see that the back and forward buttons and the stop and refresh buttons are on opposite sides of the address bar. STILL. And the lonely little homepage button all by itself on another row. Awww. Stupid IE...

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