Enhance Your Android Experience with Custom ROMs



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rooting an Android has been a lot of the fun in owning my Nexus One. Cyanogenmod 6 just got released and its sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. 




Great walkthrough! I've been using ROM Manager and it is awesome. Well worth the price for premium. It uses ClockworkMod Recovery which has a ton of awesome features in the recovery console. Other things that might be of interest are custom kernels for overclocking combined with SetCPU. I use P3's kernels and running 1.2 GHz on my Moto Droid. If you start trying other ROMS, Titanium Backup will save you a ton of time reinstalling and setting-up your apps.

Rootin'-N-Romin' is way fun!



Your phone better be rooted. Rooted my N1 from week 3 of owning it. First time smartphone user too!



I rooted my Moto DROID about 4 months ago and only once did I go back to a stock ROM - for the 2.0 to 2.1 update, and I immediately regretted it and went back to custom root ROMs. If you're able to root your android phone, then I would absolutely recommend it... It's worth it and it gives you so many more capabilities.



I have thought about rooting my EVO but to be honest, I already get descent battery life (14-16 hours) with normal use. Not marathon web usage or 1 hour phone calls. I also happen to like the senseUI and its customization features because it does exactly what I need it to do. If not, then there's an app for that...uh...but after flashing many, many roms on my TP, I found that I was flashing much more that I was actually using it. Not because I coudn't find one I liked, but finding one that worked everything on the phone without glitches that I liked. For instance, mighty rom 5 was beautiful and ran like a dream, buy it broke landscape text messaging until he came out with a new update. Then that update broke the weather features until there was yet another update.....oy vei'. Custom roms have there benefits for some, but for me that's a major geek by rights, happen to like it stock for now until I get bored and that can be a while.



I had a TP too. WinMo (before Windows Phone 7) is too complex for a lot of people, and I flashed a ton of ROMs too. But the TP was kind of a terrible phone... I actually bought my DROID as a result of my TP's screen going haywire and ceasing to work.

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