Electronics For The Everyman: 25 Kick Ass Arduino-Powered Projects



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Hey you snobs, its a good place to start for some ppl Thank You very much. The cat feeder was way cool. If only I cold phone home and THEN it dispenses the fud that would upgrade it to awesomeness. No Orb arduino controller?? Best use for it imo.

Thanks for an interesting article.




That laser MIDI arduino didn't seem very cool when Ke$ha used it on SNL...


And why do you make me edit html to hyperlink in your comments, MaximumPC?



Seeing this just makes me feel dumb, don't think i would be able to do any of this.



Trust me, a 5 year old could do stuff with an Arduino.  Everything is dumbed down to that level for mass consumption by a handful of smart people in the form of library functions.  Don't get me wrong, libraries are good.  But when EVERYTHING is a library function like it is with the Arduino...you tend to get projects that are all very simple and similar in what they do.

No one in the industry nor serious hobbyists use an arduino.  You use a PIC, ARM, or straight up Atmel controller (which the arduino is based on).



Actually It is an interesting note that a co worker of mine (at General Electric) is actually currently using an arduino for some product related tests. So I guess someone in the industry does.



I use PICs.  Bootloaders are for noobs :)



Haha, nice. Guess HaD isn't the only place I visit with Arduino hacks and projects on it anymore.

Should really give my Uno some love. Got it last Christmas, still haven't done anything with it.

Anyways, good post.

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