Early Adopter's Guide: 10 Amazon Cloud Drive Tips & Tricks



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Thank you for the provided tips and tricks. These are very helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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But is there linux support?



I really don't need a cloud music service. I find Dropbox's "just another drive" paradigm to be perfect for real PC power users.



It's worth noting that the 20GB offer is only valid for 1 year.  It reverts back to free level (5GB) unless you continue to pay the upkeep cost.  Google storage is far cheaper (20GB for $5/year) and they seem to be rolling out a cloud player of their own.   So it may be worth waiting.

With that being said, it's still a decent service.

@Free_Wheely:  You can install the desktop app and select an entire folder to upload.


Also, I'm having some serious trouble with the MPC website on Chrome 11 and IE 9.  In chrome, I can't log in and in IE9, it empties the comment box on submit.  Works fine in FF4 though.



the 20 gig offer is only good for user that have a USA address...




Nice article.

I started using the service yesterday and it is very slick.

One minor gripe is that you cant transfer folders, you have to upload individual files and create the folders from within the cloud application, unless of course I'm missing something. For me, this just meant I couldn't leave a large upload and return to it later without having to tidy it up as it went along.

It's free so I can't really complain.

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