E3 2008: The John Carmack Interview. Rage, id Tech 6, Doom 4 Details, and More!



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  If valve wanted money they would not of made the orange box.



ID software is dead to me.. 60hz gaming pfff, a lame Q3 web rehash (porting an old game into a web platform with ads must have been a great idea) welldone I wonder if mods like rocket arena will be working, because you're too bloody stupid to have gotten things right with Quake4 or even ET:QW (last game i'll ever buy with id involved i'm sure) ..so piss off john tarmack I couldn't careless about your id engines.

And the advent of lcd technology has done nothing but ruin gaming. now you got fucking nubs that think the human eye can't even see more than 60fps what a load of bullshit people will come out with to defend 60hz like its more than enough crap. Dont even get me started on the crap native only resolutions because all other resolutions you might want to use because your hardware/gfx card can't stably run at like native 1080hd+ res so running at a lower res looks like shit. CRT 100hz/100fps+ those were the days for real gamers, and still are really, but having the likes of id limit things to 60hz wow how backwards things are going.. but hopefuly someday the LCD technology might actually improve in time once they finish floggin the low end crap.

ofc its all to easy now for shity games to come out onto pc & consoles, the whole lcd market and its 60hz general maximum so many have bought lcds for the homes and for desktops just makes things so much easy for lazy assed developers to only have maintain a target of around 60fps with all the fucking fluff on screen. And Rage just from looking at it looks like a whole lot of fucking fluff with the same old gameplay!.. well I ain't buying that shit.

And I definitely won't be buying any shity console/pc ports even if the engine does make things seamless we can all see now ID has jumped in with EA in order to maximise sales onto the console platforms aswel.. so screw the modding community eh ID is that what you were saying.. i think EPiC (failure) did that and look how much of stinking flop UT3 turned out to be. oh how times have changed

think I might go support those STALKER developers with there next release because at least they a trying to stay true to the FPS pc market..

all those other fucktards like EPIC(FAIL) , EA(crysis, what a joke) Valve( steaming shit) and most of the rest of the big players they are all just trying to cash in bigger sales. And that would be ok if the actual games were anygood overal. Seems like valve are about the only ones still coming out some reasonably good long playablity games and with some modding communinty around. Unlike id and the epic failures.. :p

well thats my rant over



None of your complaints hold weight. You're just griping over anything & everything about what developers are doing with the FPS genre. If you're that dissatisfied, maybe you shouldn't be gaming at all. I tire of dealing with people like you who always complain about everything that PC gaming is today. Your words reek of trollish nature and you serve no purpose here.



Dayuuuum, you can just tell that guy KNOWS what he is doing. If I met him, I wouldn't talk, just listen and try to soak up everything he says.



id has been good at supporting linux... hopefullly they dont abandon it.


Talcum X

 I cant remeber when the last time I played the latest Doom/Quake.  Should spark them back up since I never completed them.  Should be better this time around with newer video card installed now.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



I actually installed the Doom 3 demo from steam the other day thinking the same thing...that it would be much better now that I've got a better computer than it was when I first installed it so long ago.  I only made it through about 5 minutes before I remembered, "oh yeah, it's ridiculously, annoyingly dark and cheesy.  And they forgot to put in the fun."  And then I uninstalled it.  (insert Price is Right fail sound here.)

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