Dream Machine Retrospective: Editors and Contributors Look Back



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I swear if bulldozer makes it into the dream machine....  I think i'll have a nerdgasm



The Dream Machine lives. I aplaude your hard work and and endless quest for perfection, I feel your pain over the complex process behind the seens and how hard it is, because of all the timing limits for building it. It is what it is, a no compromise bad ass machine and I hope it stays that way. One might have to consider making the month to release the build a little more flexiable, because of the fact, we really do not know what the future will bring or when the hardware will be ready and worthy for the next one. Who knows, waiting a month or two may even make it better. In any case, I support you Gordon, keep up the good work. because your doing a great job making the Dream Machine and writing for Maximum PC.   THANKS!!!!



Maybe next you guys can do a retrospective on the NoBS Podcasts, since there don't seem to be any new ones.



It seems like their is an unusal amount of build up to this year's DM...



Indeed. I have lost all sense of logic and purpose from the sheer excitment of DM'11 proudly wearing an AMD badge. But since it's not gonna happen....i'm clueless as to what this years DM will be rockin.



I have to say, I absolutely love the DM time of year.  Gets the readers pumped, and I can smell the fresh paint and newly-baked silicon in the air.  I can only wish that I can afford some of the Dream Machines that you guys have built in the past.  Although, I've got a personal DM (It's good enough for me):

EVGA P55 SLI (LGA 1156)

Intel Core i5-655k oc'd to 4.5GHz

Corsair Hydro H60 CPU cooler

8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600

ASUS GTS 450 TOP edition

500GB WD Blue drive for Acronis backups, important files, programs, etc...

250GB Seagate drive for videos

250GB Seagate drive for OS

Rosewill 75-in-1 card reader

Samsung 22x DVD burner

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

All of this packaged in an Antec 900 case with two front 120mm fans, one side 120mm fan, one top 200mm fan, and two 120mm fans in a push-pull configuration on the radiator of the H60.  Sadly, no SSD (...yet...)...


On another note, I have to say that Gordon's reminiscence made me laugh the hardest.  He always seems so nice, then his rants come out of left field.  Love it



After having followed MaximumPC since Boot, I can honestly say that DM is the most exciting time of year for me as a reader. For the last ten years I've worked at a company who has a national sales meeting at the same time you typically release the DM issue, and every year I read the entire issue on the plain trip there. There's definitely an excitement and energy about it that is unrivaled.

The most memorable DM's to me were 2004, 2008, and 2010 since those years I myself was also building my own DM. Reading through the editors comments and  my own recollection of those harrowing experiences one thought comes to mind: problems. It always seems that problems arise during a build (whether hardware or software related) that keep things from going smoothly, but regardless we persist. It's good to hear that I'm not the only person to experience these issues. Whether it was the shoddy nforce chipsets with poor xp compatibility or patiently waiting for the video card(s) I wanted to purchase to become available, it seems that no build is without complication.

Thanks MaxPC for letting me vicariously live through your epic system buildings! They have always fuled my own desires to design and sculpt systems of my own. I only wish you could do it twice a year that way I would have something to read for the spring sales meeting!



Gordon is the king.



2001, when you guys built three. THAT is going all out.



What is the release date of this year's Dream Machine?



Last time I remember seeing last years DM was on a shelf when ya'll were cleaning up the lab.


What is its current location?



I was always partial to the multi-CPU DMs through the ages...err.. decade and a half.



"a few surprise elements, like, say, a CPU engineering sample released to us early by Intel or AMD" 



My head is gonna explode from thinking about the possiability of DM'11 having Bulldozer.....like seriously I feel like i'm 12 again. 


(btw I just wanna mention that I had to load this page on both my phone and my XOOM to make that quote...I retyped that whole qoute...since I can't paste in the comment box from my XOOM....THAT'S how excited I am.)



I really hope that BullDozer will be on this years dream machine too.

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