Dream Machine Fever: The 17 Finest PCs Ever Built



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I actually had that first issue of boot. Kinda wish I still did. I remember begging my mom to let me get a subscription (I was 15-16 at the time) but she wouldn't allow it for some reason (though I suspect not wanting to pay for it).



When I had to move recently I decided to toss my collection of Boot/MaxPC mags, but I decided to keep the Dream Machine editions. Nice memories. 



Yeah I was excited to read these old articles but when you zoom in the text still isn't big enough.



While I also lust for a new high performance i7 rig to replace my 3 year old P5Q / Q9550 system, I don't dare to upgrade because of these frustrating software restrictions.  My current PC used for gaming and audio/video editing is so riddled with "Activation" / "Authentication" / "Software Registration" issues that I am locked into my current built.  I have some 15+ programs on my computer that required activation, starting from MS (OS, Office), Security (Norton), AV (video editing programs with some 10 audio or video plug-ins), where (except for Adobe programs) I have no clue how to deauthorize them and reactivate on another computer. And I am doubling my problems since I am using a dual boot Win7/WinXP system. The help screens on most of these programs are extremely coy about the possibility to migrate to another computer.  While a rebuild of the computer would be nice, I can't/won't justify paying some $2,500 again for the same software as on the current computer just to get a 10% improvement in performance.  Sounds like an interesting topic for a MaximumPC article, come to think of it.




Could you not toot your own horn and say the "finest PCs ever built", your last three dream machines have been nothing to write home about, in fact, your latest one was laughable, it didn't even have a high end SSD in it. Instead, you wasted that potential performance on a completely worthless amount of cores, RAM, and pitifully clocked Xeons, anyone able to read would be able to put together a better performing PC than that given the money, and yes, back then, not right now with newer hardware.



No, it didn't have a high-end SSD in there.


It had two of them.


Talcum X

Suggestion for this year's DM...

Don't use "Best PC Ever"...seems to be the norm every time...let's try something different.  It was nice to walk down memory lane, especially DM '03 which inspired my current rig.  Yes, it's that old.  But that's life in the poor lane.



Other sites definitely do galleries better, but the whole gallery format (regardless of the site) is annoying as heck to use. Just drop it and put the images in an article that has something useful to read.



Agreed, I can't read the text in any of the images unless it's a header



your galley breaks like crazy

also, it would be nice when you post a gallery - if you could click next in the overlay to get to the next pic instead of having to click out of the gallery, click to the next pic and click it again to even see the image (which are too small as well to read). You guys could use my services in User Interface Design.



I was about to say the exact same thing. The image gallery here is incredibly frustrating to use -- and so many other sites get it right? Someone needs to get on this pronto.

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