11 Best Greasemonkey Scripts that Actually Work with Chrome



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i like Chrome better, i hope it will have many scripts instead o firefox, Alicia from LED Grow Lights



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But what are their feelings on mobile gay porn?



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The Secure Connections one is very useful to me-thanks! (Plus, I can even make it work on sites not on the list!)



Hey guys...kinda off topic.  In the screenshot of the Secure Connections script, there is an icon in the upper right corner that is a gmail envelope showing, I assume, the number of unread messages.  How does one get that running in chrome?


EDIT: Nevermind...found it!  Google mail checker plus.



 the warning that this extension will have access to all my information worried me too much to use it


"they're calling insane hogs???"



To me, it looks like Google protecting their users from malicious scripts. An option to turn it off would be nice, of course, but to be honest, I'd rather 15-20% of scripts not work pending modifications than get buggered by some asshole.



Some of these (and most of the one's I've written) are broken because of a security decision made by Google with regards to content script permissions.

Content scripts execute in a special environment called an isolated
. They have access to the DOM of the page they are injected
into, but not to any JavaScript variables or functions created by the
(via http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/content_scripts.html#execution-environment)

To me this shows that Google doesn't really want you as a user to have full control over a website or the browser (at least, not as much as Firefox does).  Some of it is security, but there's always the nagging feeling in the back of my head that says they want to protect ad revenue at all costs.

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