Freeware King of the Hill: TweetDeck Versus Four Twitter Apps!



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twitter is just like facebook, but simpler, it goes to the basics. I moved to twitter because I was tired of all the friend requests, requests to sign up for stuff. 140 characters huh? Well thats dang simple:). 

 I hope twitter haters don't use facebook also, because then they are just as bad:P. I hear lots of younger people calling twitter "facebook for old people". Maybe?  



Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why twitter is such a "great" thing? Twitter, to me, sounds like someone is calling a pregnant goldfish pregger. I just don't get why anyone has to follow someone in real time. That used to be called stalking. I have better things to do than try to follow someone, or someones. Also I think that MPC should have a setting under user accounts that either allows or disables the twitter app. It's ugly and annoying. (MHO)

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I wanted a signature, but all I got was this ________



That was over 140 characters -- way over.

I digress.  I go through periods of loving Twitter and hating Twitter.  I like being able to chat with my friends and meet new people in real-time (hi MPC fans), but it can be a little frustrating to fish out nuggets of gold from the endless stream of banter on Twitter.

Like any social networking platform, it really is what you make of it.  I mean, I only have my own account in an sad attempt to be as popular as @veronica someday...



 Good luck on your endeavour Murph.




the twitter app i use is the desktop gadget "twitter explorer" for windows vista a win7 machines.
really basic features, like being able to refresh, retweet, tweet, search, reply, and change the refresh rate, but no real lists or anything.
but its the one i use, along with the facebook explorer. 



End twitter reactions "NOW"!!!



Twitter is really cool.



The one option perhaps not thought of... writing your own twitter client/applicationAll you need is a little programming experience, Twitter API, and maybe AutoIt Scripting or C#and you can have a custom application for your twitterage.



 Tsk tsk, you did not include DestroyTwitter, a step up from TweetDeck

.: vires et honos :.



I realize it doesn't quite count but Swift App for Twitter on my Android phone will scroll back as far as you want in an unceasing wave of nostalgia (and Will Smith pie nonsense).  It stands as my favorite way to check or update my tweets even when sitting right in front of my PC.  Although one could make a case that the term 'app' is loosely defined in "The Bounty" section above; one could even go as far as to say that Android is a legitimate computer OS now that it is appearing in upcoming netbooks.  I of course would never be so presumptuous ...



Twitterfox (or Echofon as it's now known) works for me when reading back a day's worth of tweets. If you open it up and slide the sidebar to the bottom, it stops off at your last read tweet on that client, and highlights all your unread tweets (at least up to 200, I haven't needed to go back any farther).  I find it useful for checking up on what I missed at the end of the day, although I've started to use Tweed (Palm Pre) throughout the day.

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