Disco-Tech: DJs, PCs and the Battle for the Beat



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DJ Clinton

Hi Everyone,

I'm the DJ aka Clinton Walford from the article above. I would like to say thanks to Seamus Bellamy for the interview & Maximuim PC Magazine for being awesome! If anyone has any questions, comments, or would like to inquire about bookings. Please visit my website http://www.djclinton.ca or tweet me @DJ_Clinton.




While the convienences of digital djing has allowed skiiled djs to concentrate more on other aspects of mixing since you no longer have to beat match, digital djing has come under a lot of fire from some camps, because it enables alot of garbage dj's to spin, who otherwise would not be able to because of the required skill and musical knowledge that was required from conventional turntables.  I would say to anybody out there that is interested in digital djing for anything other than a hobby, and plans on performing in front of people to take it seriously and  do some serious digging not just be another douche that spins the latest Deadmau5 tune that was downloaded off Beat Port.  Anybody that is interested in hearing what a great set can be like should check out Surgeon - Fabric 53 (mix album) as Anthony Childs was one of the first guys to start using Ableton Live seriously.  


In addition a program like Ableton Live an be used in much more complex ways to play music compared to traditional djing, especially if you throw in some midi contollers, which can be mapped however you want them to be.  Check out the Akai APC-40 (from the makers of the legendary mpc line of samplers used by many of hip hops greatest producers).  




I was wondering when MPC was going to get around to this.

What alot of people who use Windows PC's for these purposes don't understand is that the PC must be capable of uninterrupted media streaming. A good piece of software to check if your PC is suited for this is here - DPC Latency Checker.

Also a good guide for optimizing your PC is here - Windows Tuning Tips.



Nice article, but you missed the obvious!

PC's can be modded into amazing DJ rigs.  Like this one I just built!




Now I can be a superstar dj too.  Lol.  Anyways, very informative article.  Thanks!



There are legitimate reasons for a computer user to prefer a Mac, as this article/author aptly points out. PCs and Macs have their relative strengths and weaknesses (I personally like both for different reasons.) The fact that Apple has a closed architecture is, understandably, a real annoyance to many Windows (and Linux) users. As we see here, it can play to strengths as well.

This is a very well-written article. Nobody expects Windows-loyalists to suddenly love Mac-users. It's just nice to know that some of you (us) don't delusionally think that the dude at Starbucks with a MBP is there to try to "look cool or hip." When I find a PC laptop that competes with my MBP for battery-life, I'll take it on the road too.



you also paid $1000 more for that battery life



It really is my money. I like to believe that I get excellent resale-value and decent customer service as well.



Great article

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