DirectX 11 Details, Games for Windows to Launch Desktop Client and Marketplace



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 pushing new platforms b4 their prior ones are even mainstream >_>

 why cant dx10 be updated to include the dx11 features? why start developing dx11 right now? give me a good reason why cuz u cant think of ne >_<

"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



So let's see.

DX11 - since it will work on DX10 hardware nobody cares.  My guess is that DX11 is either the standard for the X-Box 360 replacement when it comes, or a step in that direction.  Letting developers use one API for both platforms makes them happy, supporting one APi makes Microsoft happy.  We don't care as long as the explosions look cool.

 Live is free - welcome to 1982.  We are running computers connected to the internet, assuming we will pay to connect to other users when nobody else does smacks of hubris.




DirectX 11? DirectX 10? This is ridiculous they have just barely started to make DirectX 10 games, now they're chatting about DirectX 11? Hopefully all of these enhancements enhance performance; hopefully we won't all be buying "DX 10, optimized DX 11" cards soon.


Keith E. Whisman

Microsoft was never really all that bad to begin with. I had bought a Copy of WinXP Pro OEM version at my local Fry's Electronics and I installed it. This was back in 2001 when everyone was really pissed off about the activation system. Well anyhow I installed and activated the OS. Then I upgraded the Motherboard and CPU and the OS would'nt activate. MS told me that OEM OSes were tied to the first hardware that they are first installed on. I told them I could'nt afford to go out and purchase another os everytime I upgraded the CPU/motherboard and at that time I was doing this every 4 to 6 months. Microsoft told me that I was ok and did something on their end so that whenever I reinstall my XP pro OEM it activates with no problems. It's not been tied to any hardware since that day. And I have been a fanboy of Microsoft ever since. They took good care of this customer.



I actually had a very similar (and positive) experience with MS.  I bought a copy of XP Media Center OEM during the Vista upgrade coupon promotion.  The thing was, that coupon was only supposed to apply for purchase with a new system.  Since I was building my system myself, I couldn't exactly just highlight one item on a recent and say "there's the new system part."  But I figured since I was a "Certified Systems Builder" (or some terminology like that), what the hell...  I'd see if they'd let me use it to get the free upgrade.  A few weeks after I'd sent the stuff in, sure enough a copy of Vista Home Premium showed up in the mail.  Free of charge (except the shipping, but still...).  This winter, I was upgrading my hard drive (laptop, so multiple internal drives aren't an option [at least in mine])...  After cloning the disk image over and resizing partitions, I booted into Vista to discover that Vista decided the hardware configuration had changed enough to decide it was on a new system and thus required activation again.  Of course, once I tried to do that, it kindly informed me that this was the OEM Vista and could not be "reassigned to another device."  Profanities ensue.  So I called Microsoft about it.  Was quickly directed to the proper department and then explained how the way I'd upgraded my hard drive had caused Vista to think it was on a new machine.  Rep never batted an eye or anything and just kindly directed me back to that activation screen and gave me a new number that I could use to essentially bypass that screen.  I can't say that I've had anything but positive experiences with Microsoft as a company, even if sometimes I get into fights with their OS or software.



Free Live? DX 11 compatible with 10 hardware? A Desktop Client for Live? FREE. Wow this dosent sound like MS. Glad there turning things around.


Keith E. Whisman

See I'm a psychic I knew exactly what they were doing with DX11.



Thanks for the news norm, now GFW is only 4 years behind Steam, but hey, they're making progress.  And its about time that GFW was free.  PC gamers should not have to pay for online play - we never have and never will.  But now I cant get my Halo 2 to work ugh.

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