Dell Adamo Unveiled and Hands-On, Just $1999 for the Stylish Thin Wonder



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Keith E. Whisman

Put it in an envelope and mail it to Steve Jobs and when he opens it and turns it on have a picture of a hand giving him the middle finger.



It's amazing what a little industrial design can do. I love how a lot of PC laptops are trying desperately to look like aluminum unibody MacBooks without trying desperately to look like aluminum unibody MacBooks...and failing miserably on the second part. 

The first statements out of everyone is that it looks like a Mac. Let's be honest about Macs...they cost a lot and they aren't always the fastest or the best equipped for what you pay for, but if Dell is going toward the Apple business model...they're gonna fail miserably. Apple generally ups the ante on their hardware with every new generation. The Dell Adamo is going backwards though considering the standards of today. Maybe if this thing came out 3 or so years ago and now it has a 2.0GHz C2D with 2-4GB of RAM. This thing apparently must be competing with netbooks or something...1.2GHz?! Even the slowest Intel MacBooks only had a 1.8GHz Core Duo and now those have been well phased out.

I think what's going to happen here is that people are going to see that they can buy an actual aluminum unibody MacBook for cheaper and not think twice about this thing. I'm not even really sure what purpose this thing will serve. Luxury? Yeah, most celebs are still going to rock a MacBook. Easily.   



...but it looks like a mac :3



Why wouldn't I just get a Macbook Air?  Or the Envy?  This certainly does look nice, but I see no real benefit of it over the two aforementioned laptops.



The kicker is the price. hard to believe, but this thing is even more underpowered then the MacBook Air...and Dell is charging more for it. What the hell are they thinking? 




more for less with the voodoo envy

less for more with the adamo

why o why



Where are the pictures of Norman licking it? Is it not worthy??



I love laptops, i game on one for the convienience of being able to go outside, sit on the couch, or lay down, same goes for working and browsing...however i wouldn't buy this. I paid 1k (just under) for about two or 3 times the efficiency/ability (2.0 centrino duo, 16" widescreen hd monitor, blu ray player/dual layer dvd write, nvidia 9500gs 512 dedicated, 4gb ram, 320gb 7200rpm drive, vista x64 home premium, hd audio w/ virtual sorround and media touch panel on the left side) and that there, is like a Macbook air, REALLY look, metal, shiny, expensive, low end. Probably hits 90 celcius when doing something in any Adobe program or watching a movie too.



 The voodoo is cheaper, and lighter and has better guts. Whats the point of this? Yes its nice, yes it looks great, but why spend more money on a weaker laptop?



Number Six

No really, I want to know if it can play Quake III.  Or do I need to dig up Castle Wolfenstein for this overpriced, underpowered & overweight disappointment?

Can it even do smooth blue-ray playback?

Eagerly awaiting MPC's review,

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