Data Recovery Software Roundup -- Don Your Detective Cap and Find Your Missing Data!



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I have used the Stellar phoenix data recovery software for windows . Its cool and very userfriendly . Although its not needed but alongwth the software we get user guide for step by step operation. I found it cent percent accurate with recovery results.


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I've had great success with Ontrack Easy Data Recovery Professional (about $200, so it was too expensive for this roundup), but recently, I had to recover data from a corrupt laptop SATA drive that totally baffled Ontrack. After doing some research, I found that a number of users were recommending using the Knoppix Linux distro for NTFS recovery.

I created a Knoppix boot CD, and was able to access the drive's file system after Ontrack came up empty-handed. While Knoppix can read NTFS files, it requires the captive-NTFS option to write to a drive using the NTFS file system. Rather than mess around with that, I reformatted an external USB drive as a FAT32 device and used it to save the data. The result: a very happy client.

Learn more about using Knoppix for data recovery from these websites:;


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I just bought Zero Assumption Recovery to pull some files off an IDE hard drive that was too corrupt to access. It was $50 for the single user licesnse and I think worth it to get my old data back. Drive I was trying to access was an NTFS drive, and I was running ZAR under XP 32-bit. These reviews say two things to me. You can't get top quality recovery software for free or cheaply and 64 bit OSes are still not quite ready for prime time.



I Use Runtime Software's GetbackData. I have 3 versions. Fat32, NTFS and I also got Raid Recovery which worked well and netted me 20 times more than what all 3 programs cost me!


I can format a drive, install windows on it, format it again and recover the data that was on it before I formatted it the first time!


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Easy Recovery Pro from Ontrack has worked for me very well. I use it in a commercial setting and have done so for years. Even on hard drives that are near death, I've had a lot of sucess in getting data off. Customers who accidently used the System restore disc on their computer and not realizing that they erased everything they had, I've been able to get back a lot of their data.




Recuva doesnt seem to work after i reformat HDD and try to recover the files.
Is there a program that can recover files from a reformatted HDD? I hear that reformatting isn't enough to erase files

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