Cyber Monday--the Mega-Deal Roundup!



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 This website helped me get loads of deals for Black Friday, they got a section for Cyber Monday too.




I saw that go on sale over the weekend prior to Cyber Monday. I'm so tempted to buy the drive and move to Windows 7 on that drive. Still running RC on my Raptor drive and haven't popped in the upgrade disc I bought from Newegg during pre-order. But that drive doesn't look as good in the performance arena as the WD Black Edition version. Wanted to cast aside my rev one Raptor for a nice big drive with performance to boot. Converting my movies using AnyDVD and Handbrake and each DVD is about 2GB or so compressed....starts getting big FAST! My 250GB is exclusively for editing, and I'd like to move my 150GB Raptor into that role as well, using a new 2TB as my primary and being able to expand from there.

Anybody know if I would really see a difference between the Green version vs. the Black edition? I mean I play my share of L4D, Unreal 3 and all that. I know the seek times are lower on the Black because of the dual controllers and cache but overall performance was relatively 'close' looking at the MaxPC benchmarks.

Is it worth waiting 2 months and seeing if the Black edition jumps down in price like the Green did?




I woke up to see that best buy had radeon 5870 cards on sale and they were sold out. That card had been listed as sold out on their website for at least 2 weeks now. I am wondering if they got a few in and sold out instantly or if the geniuses in the marketing department put an item on sale that they didn't have.... wouldn't be the first time.



At Microcenter, they have my monitor there for regular price $399... the Sceptre 24" 1080P 1920x1200....yes, its still 1080..... it goes on sale for $249 a lot and even less with rebates... it was just on sale this past week.... worth keeping an eye on.... it went on sale right after xmas last year and i used my gift cards to get it for like $220... its kickass too.





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