Core i7 Dissected and Benchmarked! Does Intel’s Next-Generation Chip Live Up to the Hype? Hell Yeah!



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I hate to see AMD fall behind. With the company splitting up and losing money for the past year, leaving them with not nearly enough to compete with Intel's resources. Icore7 might have to be my next system. AMD might not have a solution that will even compare. I hope that I would be wrong but...



I am in the same boat as you. Big fan of AMD, currently I still have all my chips in their pot and its sad to see them slip behind. The upcoming 45nm "deneb" phenoms will be here around january or february and no solid words yet on performance, so we will certainly see. Hey, they suprised us with the 4870 and Im rocking one now. Lets hope we get another pleasant suprise from our friends in Sunnyvale. I have a feeling breaking the fabs away into the Foundry Company (clever name) was ultimately a sound choice. Time will tell.




You guys should be fans of whoever's giving you your money's worth or whoever's winning the race. What's wrong with you. Is AMD rubbing your mom's feet after a hard days work? As for the 4870, I still consider that an ATI victory. If AMD wins next round, then screw Intel. Ah, forget it, you bums.



Like this review points out, they put a ~$170 Phenom 9950 against the 9770 ($1000+) and its performance is still comparable. 9770 is certainly not pumping out 5+ times the fps that the Phenom does.



A strong AMD makes a strong Intel. Intel would not be where it is today without AMD or someone challenging it and innovating with them. Plus just about everyone loves the underdog.

My next pc will be holding an Intel CPU (or 2) though... But I do invest in AMD and hope they turn their CPU department around :D



Read through the review, and its about what I expected... and I mean that in a very good way - the results vilify the rumors. This is stacking up to the hype, and this is a long time AMD fan talking here.

The Core i7 920 has a very tempting price, but I question its overclockability. On paper it the core i7 line appears to be a crackerjack squadrom that can all overclock like there is no tomorrow, but I look to the phenom. What was the issue AMD was having with their phenoms that prevented their clocks from getting anywhere? If someone could answer this I'd appreciate it because like Gordon mentioned: the core i7 looks more like an AMD product than an intel product. Its nearly the same design as the phenom but the core i7 yields are apparently much more substantial.

I hope some Socket 1366 boards start to show up on Newegg so I can determine if they will cost more than the processor itself.




Untill You can compare the Core i7 to an AM3 setup waht is the point in this discussion, especially when this Core i7 hardly beats the the soon to dated AM2+ (Phenom). AM3 will wide the floor with this Core i7, is this the best Intel can come up with there new Socket Revision?

Will no one try and Keep this test fair and give us at least the i7's theoretical performance compared to the AM3? at least it would be a fair test with both using DDR3.

serious is this kindergarten?.........



Can someone give me the definitive answer on what would be the best setup for gaming:

 Crossfire or SLi

what would be the optimal setup:  2 GPUs or 3 GPUs with i7 with MB that supports both crossfire and SLI? 

seems like we have lots of experts on this thread so any help would be appreciated.  I am planning to build my first PC from all the parts I will be purchasing from online stores such as Newegg,Tigerdirect, Microcenter etc,  Is there a forum for someone like me who is new to this? 

My budget is $2500.  I saw Maxpc had build it guide for $2500 power gamer pc but I want to use the i7 and the x58 chipset with dual or tri GPUs,

Can someone give an optimal parts for the NEW $2500 pc with parts suggestion,

Thanks very much for your help!





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