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Hi mike2977

Not sure if you know how Twitter authorization works, but you don't share your Twitter credentials with anyone.

With Tweepsmap (and most safe web apps) you enter your credentials on and ask twitter to authorize that app to do what the app is asking to do. Then Twitter will send you back to the app to use it.

This authorization can be the revoked once you are done using this app from the settings link on your Twitter account. Normally you should do that after finishing using an app(ESP if you don't trust their security)

Having said that, Tweepsmap does not store your authorization token, we discard it once you leave our site. But hey if you don't trust an app you should revoke access once you are done.






This may be a cool site of the week, but, frankly, I'm not too happy about sharing my Twitter login credentials with anyone! And what guarantee does one have thay they won't use my login for other purposes? Or for that matter, what their security is for that information should a hacker make a determined attempt to penetrate their security.

No, I'd like the info, but I'm not willing to share.

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