Cool Site of the Week: NASA



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Easily the best part of the NASA site are the stupendous photos of the solar system from probes such as Cassini around Saturn and of course the Hubble telescope.

I liked Star Trek "Enterprise", but I'd agree "Voyager" was terrible.  But then you liked Battlestar Galactica (cough), which not even Olmos could save, but I did like Grace Park, the hottie Cylon.



I live for the shuttle launches. In between, my life is empty. There are only two more lanuches left before the 30-year-old space program is retired. Yesterday's launch attempt was scratched just 3 hours before lift-off. Next opportunity may be Monday. Tune in some time in advance and follow sporradic commentary in the background; feels like you are participating. Good stuff. They close/seal the hatch 3 hours in advance, while James Bond is closing his hatch during countdown, and Dr Evil suggests "just say 'go!' when the doors close". ///johan

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