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Unless your office has restrictive policies and firewalls, it'd be much simpler and much more healthy for the internet to simply queue up the DVD (or m4v or avi) in mplayer and minimize the window.  If that's not an option, then chances are this site will be blocked as well, so it's a moot point.



I'm sure there are movies that this might work for, but LOTR?  seriously? Almost a purely visual movie.


I guess if there are movies that you are obsessed with and have seen quite a few times, it might not hurt to listen to it... but I don't see why anyone would want to listen to a movie before watching it. Though, there is no rules to this service, they are just supplying the option.  But, I don't see myself ever using this.  If I want to listen to something, I'd rather it be a podcast like RadioLab.



What?  LOTR has an AMAZING soundtrack.

Sure, you could just listen to the score, but if you don't own it, this could do the job fairly well.  Honestly, this whole site is pretty niche, but it's still interesting.

EDIT: OK, interesting concept, but having just listened to a 24kbps stream, I can't really see the point.



sounds horrible, lol.

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