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Purchased car from City of Fleminsburg, KY. Auction listed it as Working and Running. Got down there and found out battery switched and fuel pump broken - not working. Went back to sheriff and then the Mayor to get money back right then and there with no luck. Other surprises down the road I found.
Make sure you turn car on before handing anybody the money. Don't think a sheriff or mayor of any town are honest in the least.
Called govdeals to report them but they could care less - Got me no where.



Not impressed. No shipping, used goods in so bad shape that even the government does not want it. I have NEVER been impressed by anything the government has been trying to sell.



Whoa, Publish to Facebook link automatically turned OFF? Thank you! But still, it took you forever to make such a minor change...

Now let's see if MPC site can turn on spellchecking while typing the message.



Oh yes. Firetrucks. Starting at $5000. Sweet holy balls yes.



Oh wow, I'm seeing deals like 9 monitors and mice for $300! That means I can just stack up 8 of the monitors by 2 x 4 and play games like BC2 like that! xD Sweeeeet.

The worst are probably the laptops as they are really old 2001 models (probably) and some of the parts are old school. :/


Hmm... Unless you're low on budget and you don't mind buying those computers, then I guess it's fine.



I've used this site a few times in the past.

Just about all muncipal government agencies have gone to this site. There are few if any "local" auctions any more.

The only thing you really have to keep in mind is that most of these places WILL NOT SHIP ANYTHING. So, you better be close enough to drive over or have somebody near it.

Just a hint, when an if you "bid" on a desk or similar item, make sure you get a COUNT of them! 5 bucks got me 25 desks once. I wanted 1.



What about other similar sites such as, which is free for government.  Also, cities such as Philadelphia & Boston have chosen municibid over GovDeals.  Here's a news story from yesterday on Philadelphia's most watched newscast.



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