Cool Site of the Week: Get Drunk Not Fat



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people are usually shocked when they findout how many Kcals are in alcoholic drinks ~7Cals per gram. I think this site is awesome. I can now see which beer is the most efficeient to drink :)



You guys have nothing else to write about?  C'mon.

  Is this MaxPC or isn't it?  You're seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel gentlemen.  Oh and by the way ---  I'm a beer drinker. I'm 55 & skinny.  If my weight were ever to become a problem (Trust me it won't) I think I'd be looking elsewhere for info.

WOW! I can't believe this idiotic article got posted.



I had to literally laugh out loud after reading your post.

Relax man.  It's a cool site of the week.  Just take it for what it is.  MaxPC can do whatever they want.

Didn't you get the memo?

How can one complain about a single artical being posted on a tech website that gets updated daily?

You didn't like it.. but you clicked on it anyway.. and THEN instead of of backing out and continuing with navigating the site, you comment negatively on it..





Ok ... OK.  Good point.  Very good.  But in my defense I did read the article and then posted.  I try not to  post anything no matter how much I'm tempted unless I read the whole thing ... whether I like the article or not or anywhere in between.

But ... C'mon man. This magazine used to be all about hardcore hardware & software. I long for the days that I would buy the mag and read it cover to cover and actually learn something from almost every single article in the issue.  

If I really need to think about how many calories are in the beer I drink I'll google it.  I do that for the sodium content in foods as I have to keep a serious eye on that in my case.  And I'm not thinking that MaxPC might have a new cool site link or whatever along these lines so let me go there first.  Hey -- I got chest pains .... well ... lemme check the MaxPC site .....

I'm just saying let's get on with more stuff like the 21 Prescription thing for PCs.  Good article.  How about coming on like a modern day 'Byte Magazine' ?  Teach me something. Gimme stuff that I have to read at least twice to understand.  Other things don't belong here.

At 55 years old -- 150 lbs (with rocks in my pockets & gel in my hair) - a 6'ft skinny ass (don't look like it by the way) .... I seriously couldn't give a sh*t about how many calories are in my beer -)




I know it's CRAZY to think about but some people might find this information useful. There are plenty of people out there who are geeks, like to drink and want to stay as healthy as they can while doing so. If you don't like it, don't click on the link and read it. 



>"im going to start a website about computers!"
>Posts about a site for drunks who want to watch their caloric intake.
>Sees nothing wrong with this.

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