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I found the following issues.


  1. Dead links
  2. One of the links forward me to a site askign me to install XVID in order to watch then got a Norton virus alert.
  3. Some documentary were just trailers to other documentaries.
  4. Some documentaries play the first 5 minutes then ask you to pay in order to watch the whole thing.

A total dissapointment.  Did the Maximum PC staff even navgated the site?




I selected the Technology subtopic, and the first 4 documentaries I tried to play either reported being removed due to DRM legal issues with their owners, or else I was confronted with popup windows and some site wanting me to create an account before they would let me play the video. So yes, it is a nice site when you can finally view something, but a success rate of only 20% in attempting to view the documentaries doesn't impress me much. At that rate, I can't recommend someone ditch their cable just so they "might" be able to watch what they see in the program listings. Whoever administrates this site needs to do some serious cleanup and maintenance.



This site obviously contains a wealth of information, but its text list is daunting.  It would be nice if things were spreadout a bit and each documentary had a little additional information to make it easier to make choices - the presentation in the most recent documentaries list is perfect.  Still, great resource.,



I've been trying to find "The Hunt for Red Mercury" ever since I first saw it on the Discovery Channel in the 90's. It's about the (then) beginning illicit arms trade in Russia, and includes some great undercover video of some alleged arms dealers who were likely members of the Chechen Mafiya. These guys were scary! The producers were lucky to get out alive because this one gorilla of a guy was a bit displeased when they announced they had not money with them.

There's another, "Assault on the Male", which is about how estrogenic compounds (i.e. agricultural run-off, etc) get into the water supply and cause birth defects among the males of a species, including humans. This has been an ongoing problem in Lake Apopka, near Orlando, FL. A lot of male alligators are born with deformed genitalia, and this is blamed on agricultural run-off. Of course, the alleged sources of the pollution deny everything.

If anyone comes across either of these I'd really appreciate if it you'd let me know . . .



JohnnyCNote, What has worked for me is a site a great site with many portals for music, text, images, etc. the area with access to film documentaries like the ones you are looking for-

The trick I use is do not give up on the 1st search, try every word you can think of that someone would use as a tag ie. Chechen Mafia, Lake Apopka, birth defects, etc. also, try different spellings and even try different search engines if this site does not have it. Best of luck, those both sound very interesting. JourneyMan Pictures/TV also has good documentaries and even has a YouTube channel, Take Care, Joseph W. aka WaterRabbit, Cape Cod, MA, USA



I may finally cancel Netflix.  The only thing I watch on there is documentaries any way and the resolution is way better.

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