Contest Winners: The 10 Best Windows Application Tips



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bed and breakfa...

God mode is Awesome!



I do a ton of data manipulation for work in Excel and am always looking for ways to do things faster or with less clicks.

Michael Toellner's "Excel Conversion" trick was something that I had not seen elsewhere and saves me a good chunk of time now that I don't have to do my workaround. 

While I do not benefit from all of these tips, this one alone made looking through them a great thing for me!

Thanks MPC and to all the users that submitted tips!



I tried the God Mode (vista 64 bit)... and it caused my computers GUI to crash, over and over and over. It came to a point where I couldn't even open the start menu.


Eventually I fixed it using the CML, but still!



darm...  i should have submitted the GodMode one...  I thought everyone knew about it.  Well i have something else to add to that.  IT ONLY WORKS IN WINDOWS 7 and vista 64-bit.  I hear vista 32-bit will crash ur computer and same with windows xp.

Also you can change "GodMode" to to whatever else u want, its just the name for the folder.



Interesting that 8 of the 10 tips are for Photoshop and MS office. Completely useless to me though. The best thing you can do with itunes is simply DO NOT INSTALL. As for the 10th tip, wasn't that already covered here in MPC on 01/04/2010? link below.

I was really hoping for something better than these.

Please make publish to facebook opt-in, not opt-out.



People still use iTunes?



What should we be using?



So the default windows installation should have 2 icons on the desktop, the recycle bin and that god mode icon. thats awesome!

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