Complete Guide to Creating and Editing PDFs for Free



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 I've been quite happy with "PDF creator" (there's a few with this name, I'm talking the sourceforge one) for my PDF creation Printer driver. Though It's a little slow in merging multiple docs into one PDF, and doesn't seem to support the security options, and may not have all the color options you mention the others have. Can't compare file size though, but I can say having another program optimize after creation does shrink the files, so it's probably not the best in the world.

For editing, I've used pdfedit995. It has an insane amount of options. The downside is that it only (supposedly) works with PDFs printed using PDF995 printer driver. That's ok though, simply create with whatever you use, then print the pdf again, using pdf995 for the few times you need advanced pdf editing.

Foxit I believe also has a pdf editor cousin, but it's laden with limitations unless you pay a rather large (IMO) sum.


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I'm using version 0.9.5 and it does have security option such as password protect the file, which I've used.  Other options which I haven't used include: disable others from editing the document & comments, printing document, and copying text & image.



You needed a $1000 to make and edit. The files are huge. Page 1 is the cover sheet, not the numbered page one of the actual document.

Many years ago I had to scan a bunch of docs and the were coming out as PDFs and 10s of MB per page. I switched to PNG and got the same effect at 10s of kbs. A text/html editor gets you all the same functionality at next to nothing cost.

What about PDF readers? I use Foxit for all those rare occasions I need a look at a PDF.

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