Comic-Con 2009: The Sexy and Wonderful Toys



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This is just a small sampling of what's on display behind glass shelves here, and we'll continue grabbing photos of any other toys that catch our eyes. Enjoy! dvdsoft, dvd creator, dvd video tool



Some of us who build our systems to the beast, do it because we want to be able to see, every vein pumping blood out when we decapitate them.

Thank you. oh, and we hate cell shaded crap anyways.



where the comic con special My Little Pony? Ok, I know I'm prolly the only one who cares but show me some love <3



What do action figures have to do with Personal Computers? Please stop posting this crap.



then don't read it and certainly don't whine about it on every comic con story. I'm sure your concern has been duly noted.



Because if your a PC person chances are you like comics, plus pc anouncements are made @ Comic Con.  Game anouncements and developer interviews are made @ Comic Con.  It makes very much sense that they are there and they are just trying to involve us as much as they can by posting pictures of of the event.  Quit your silly bitchin and enjoy what a well rounded site this is.  If PCGamer would use this site instead of that stupid games radar everything would be much better all around.



this is an example of how to use your press credentials as an excuse to mess around at Comic-Con.

The bigger question is how did they manage to convince the boss that a trip was necessary? Someone might unveil an Iron Man themed case and they just have to be there?



 AWW BOO-HOO!!! Go cry about it in your corner!


I think the pictures are awesome! Any chance of getting some high-res images?


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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