Comic-Con 2009: The Attendee Gift Bag


Comic-Con 2009: The Attendee Gift Bag

Every attendee of Comic-Con revcieves a complimentary gift bag, which they can use to fill with posters, pins, and other freebies that will be given out on the show floor. We snagged a bag when we picked up our attendee badges, which you can check out below. We'll probaby be giving away our Comic-Con swag to in a contest after the event, so keep tabs on our official Twitter and Comic-Con landing page for updates. 

The bag is sponsored by EA, promoting their God of War-like action game, Dante's Infero.

Inside, there are four things, including the official show guide (a collector's item!), a copy of DC's Blackest Night #0 issue, a promotional bookle for Magic the Gatherine, and an Army of Two flyer. Nothing too exciting, after all. 





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