Comic Con 2011: A Video Tour



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I have been reading all the replies here, i had a great deal of info, some significant most are not. But i shall say it very active page.

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I think a few people might have been confused or were doing it the wrong way
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At frame 1:13 is that a nippleslip?

And who says I dont have a life.



Really maxPC I would think you guys would know the difference between nerds and geeks. the sad fact that comic books have been taken over by nerds that believe a CPU is the case that their monitor, keyboard and mouse is connected to. They believe they are computer saavy because they use Firefox. These are the people they make all those superhero movies for. You know the ones that take any established histories and character development and throws it out the window.

While geeks are the ones that read the comic books, watched the TV shows, seen the gadgets and thought how can that be made? It was a geek that made the communicator a reality. Gave us portable music, and are continuing developing technologies for the benefit of us all.

If MNPCTech wants to honor Star Trek, and the "geeks" that made it the success is is, then they need to get that case to a real geek that revels in Gene Roddenberry's vision of our future, not the ones that think that JJ Abrams abortion is anything more than Star Warsification on one of the greatest Sci-Fi francisis in history.



The only difference I saw between them is Geeks are smarter, more sociable, don't collect random crap, and are more successful in life...



Comic Con! Where furries aren't creepy.


Mastro Antonio

Furries really piss me off, if they consider themselves animals is okay for me to hunt them?


Any footage of the Star Trek PC?

-Bill Owen



Even after the video I have no idea what this is about but looks like a blast. 

Go batman!


D.C. (Perth Web Designer)

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