Chrome Web App of the Week: PadMapper



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This is a very useful app from google chrome. I think it will be the best app of the year not just of the week :)

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Cazare Predeal



Hmm, actually looks useful. Too bad I wont be relocating anytime soon; it's too bothersome.

Fisher Capital Management Warning



I searched for months trying to find an apartment in a particular area of town that is young and trendy using Craigslist. I found that I was regularly screening a bunch of junk listings and frequently using Google Maps to check the location of legitimate listings. Then a friend recommended (not the app) and it was a fricking godsend. I could just zoom into the part of town where I wanted to live, then enter the price range, and add additional filters if I wanted to. It then scoured Craigslist, with a few listings from other websites, and plotted them on the map.

The only downside is that some people don't enter their addresses correctly into their Craigslist listing or give a description of the location without giving an actual address. So, when PadMapper scans the listing so that the address can be plotted on Google Maps, it skips some legitimate listings due to their missing addresses.



I used the standalone website to help me find my current apartment. I loved it. The ability to see listings on a map, with advanced filtering, pulled from multiple apartment rental websites was very helpful.



Looks to me that this dumb app will just add another layer of stress to the situation

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