Cheat Sheet: Google Voice Tips



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Your last two tips are unnecessarily complex. (I also pointed this out the last time you ran almost(?) this exact same article).  


If you want to make calls via Google Voice using a headset on your computer, it's already integrated into the Google Chat program in the sidebar of your Gmail window. Just click the "Call phones" button and dial out. Adding Sipgate is actually less functional (and way more complicated) than what's already available in your Gmail window.


To forward Google Voice calls based on location, download Google Voice Locations for your android phone. It's a single app that does exactly what you're describing, with no "pretty extensive guide" needed. 



 I thought the exact same thing!




See this is a good example of why I read this website's yummy goodness every day.  It could have taken up to 3 minutes for me to search this for myself.  THANKS MAXIMUM PC!


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