Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips and Tricks for Dropbox



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I've noticed that the dropbox cache folder keeps filling up and on a 160gb SSD that sucks up space quick.


I used the following to fix it

1) Exit dropbox

2) Go to the following folder


and delete the folder 'cache'

3) Create a folder on a larger drive with plenty of free space.

I did F:\DropboxCache

4) Open a dos prompt (not sure if you need admin rights or not)

5) At the prompt run

mklink /j C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\cache <Full path from step 3>

6) Start DropBox!




The To Do list sounded exciting, until I realized the Dropbox app for iPhone will not let you EDIT the to do.txt, it only lets you view it. Unless I'm missing something...



I've tried to do the todo lists in Dropbox, using nothing more than a simple text document. However, I am seeing a parculiar problem from time to time...

When I create a text file on the PC, such as a todo list, I'll have a list of items with CRs (carriage returns):

- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

However, when I look at the same text file on my Android phone, the CRs will sometimes disappear, and I'll see:

- item1-item 2-item 3

I can correct by re-adding the CRs, but editing/saving back and forth seems to often remove the CRs again. Sometimes they remain, but just as often they'll get stripped, turning my list into a very long... sentence...

I mean, it's a GREAT idea, but this "glitch" really makes it unusable for me in this fashion.

Anyone else experiencing this at all?



See the following for a video guide of how to syncronize my documents accross muptiple PCs.  This is useful if you have pdf, Microsoft Office, or other documents on a work/personal PC and need to easily access those from both locations.



Dropbox is the greatest.  I have used it to post an online picture galery for others to access pictures from an event and it was awesome.



There's also a way in Windows, Mac and Linux to make a folder called PrintQueue and have a script scan it every minute. Whatever it finds in the folder it sends to your printer and deletes the file out of the folder.



Another nice online storage site is

If SkyDrive wasn't so confusing I would us it more because it allows larger files than



You forgot using it to store CD keys for games and software. Whenever I get a new PC or piece of software I put the key in a text file for when I invariably lose the manual.



It's also a very easy way to copy files to/from your smartphone. No more having to futz with bluetooth, USB cables & drivers, or memory cards.



I use Dropbox to allow two computers to update my financial file in MS Money.  The problem I ran into was sharing between computers using different versions of Windows, as they use different default locations for documents, and Money expects the file to be in the same location.  One of the machines runs Windows 7 Ultimate, and the other runs XP Pro SP3.

To get around the problem, I had to create a new folder on the XP machine for Dropbox at C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Dropbox to allow Money to update and be shared properly.  I don't know if other programs have the same issue, but that's what I had to do to fix my problem.



Nothing too exciting in these tips but I love Dropbox.

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