CES 2012: What We've Seen So Far



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i was really disapointed with the lack of CES coverage provided by MaximumPC.  pretty much any other tech website has alot more information on the convention.  What's going on!?  I know you guys are all awesome writers, please report the news on CES (maybe next year)

Also, wheres the no-BS-podcasts?  seems like they come only every two months lately.  



Perhaps because CES is largely no longer a Computer or PC Specific event? Just look at thos pictures, almost all of it is smart phones and audio equipment, not computer-specific hardware or software news. It's one of the major reasons M$ is pulling out of the show after this year.



Any MPC home base booth this year at CES? Didn't see you in upper south hall when I walked through...



I'm sure there are a lot of folks here that love to see the newest tablet, TV, ultrabook, etc. But where are the slew of heavilty modded PC's?

With all the square footage that CES provides; there's got to be more to this show, c'mon this is MAXIMUM PC... where's the new GPU's, CPU's, water cooling components, CPU coolers, PC cases (all the stuff that we PC builders are really interested in)?



Sorry but their isn't alot of "heavilty modded PC's" at CES....never has been.


I can tell you this though. If MaximumPC dumped everything but strictly "GPU's, CPU's, water cooling components, CPU coolers, PC cases" I would cancel my subscription.


There is more to personal computing(you know that "PC" thing everyone likes to throw in the editors faces) than just the traditional desktop and laptop Windows only system.


Lighten up dude. It's not like you are losing "PC" coverage. They're doing all that AND more.



Uh, no they're not. They cut PC content to add all that miscellaneous crap. The magazine isn't getting thicker.


Anyone who thinks a phone is a replacement for a PC is a freaking iGeek tard.



Slightly longer descriptions would be better please? not all of us have been slavishly devouring every tweet out of CES to know what all of these are ahead oftime.



After my problems with the RAT 9 (hardware issues, crappy profile software and garbage tech support) I won't be purchasing another MadCatz product... Ever.

MPC - Delete the MadCatz pics and put in some quality Logitech products instead =D


By the way...  Who is Parrot and where did they suddenly come from?

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