Can You Use Windows 8 as Your Primary OS?



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I have no intention of going to a touch screen for desktop or workstation use. I hate the thought of reaching out to one of my monitors and then having fingerprints on my screen(s). It seems like MS really screws up every other OS so it looks like win 8 is the next Me or Win Vista.

I can see Win 8 as it presently looks as a tablet or phone OS but not as a replacement for Win 7



It just saddens me to see Microsoft going the way of the rotten half eaten fruit!! Tablets, different UIs, different interactive input structures and layout crap!!

My concern is how do developers get any work done on Win8 when there is so much going on? I cant imagine flipping my monitor on my lap to start typing and also how do designers draw vector images using the finger?????? Try working with 3DS MAX or AutoCad using a touch screen monitor!!! Or something closer to home, an Excel Spreadsheet….

I’ve got a touch screen monitor since my Vista days, thinking that it would double as a DJ Console…. So please trust me when I say… how dead wrong was I!!!  There is absolutely no precision moving the knobs and sliders even on 800 x 600 @ 23”. Sure it did look cool but that’s it!!!!

Portable touch UI devices are great for information consumption on the go like reading the news, watching a movie, games etc… however, if all hard devices are to be translated to tablets and small screen mobile devices, who in the right mind is going to develop applications on those things???? Imagine using your thumbs to write 10 lines of code!!! And manZ… scrolling up and down countless times to check your mistakes…. Consumers will stop buying such devices when no developer is able to put content out because there isn’t a viable way to do this anymore.

The plea to Microsoft is not to change a good thing. Win7 is already very stable, keep working with manufacturers at developing stable drivers for all interchangeable devices available now and those in development. Trying to squeeze a new UI over and on top of an already reliable product just seems like a short cut to proper development. Wouldn’t it be better to develop something called Windows Touch or something while carrying on to improve the Windows family…

Desktop computers, the physical keyboard and the mouse are here to stay for the longest run. Content in king when it comes to information dissemination and entertainment purposes.  If there is no way to provide for this, even the desktop will soon end up the way of the dinosaurs!!

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After some use as is this Win8 Dev. Preview is for tablets only. After installing a gadget that allows you to switch between Metro and a Win7 start menu I realize that Win8 is an extremely stripped down Win7 with a new GUI. Just like Win7 is a stripped down Vista with a new GUI. As is it should be called "Windows Tablet Edition".  



Seriously, try it with the same working 7 hacks. It looks and feels like destiny.



Windows 8 developers Preview in a Oracle VirtualBox virtaul machine and I couldn't connect to the internet. I tried to force a connect and it said the driver for my wireless card was missing. I have an Artheros wireless card. I then tried to install the WIndows 7 32 bit driver but it wouldn't recognise my USB device.





I replaced my Win7 HDD with a new SSD for the sole purpose of installing Win8 64-bit on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T (like strykyr). The touch speed, graphics and interface improvements are notably faster than the original 32-bit Win7 install. Almost to the point where I can't believe it's the same Atom N450 chip. It won't run the Metro apps because the screen res isn't high enough, but just using the new desktop is much better than Win 7's touch abilities. Much better. A few of the HTML5 demos I've found online are quite responsive. Flicking through Word docs and marking them up with the Pen and Ink tools is terrific, if you have the need for that sort of thing (I do). The Microsoft Touch Pack, featuring Microsoft Surface Globe and a few others, also seems a bit snappier than it was.

I think this dev build is clearly aimed at developing for the new touch interface, and I'm rather impressed by it. I imagine the first general release beta will include an easier way to switch to the classic start menu for non-touch users, which would definitely be a necessity for my workstation as well. And in the meantime, I still have my original Win7 HDD ready to pop back into this thing, you know, just in case.



I got the metro aps working.  There is a regedit hack that gets u up to 1152x864.


Looking for the MS Touch Pack.  Any info on it?



Thanks, I'll check out the regedit hack.

The MS Touch Pack is on the Microsoft Download Center if you're still looking for it. I've notived load times are a little slow, but the interface seems more responsive than under Win 7.


Mighty BOB!

Or if you’re a keyboard and mouse power user, would you rather have the option of using the Windows 7 style start menu?

I would rather have the option of a start menu that actually expands to use my 1920*1200 monitor (everything from win95-vista) instead of hugging a tiny corner in the bottom left like Windows 7. What a waste of space.



Windows 8 sucks. I can understand using it for tablets, but for power users like me, it blows. There are a couple hacks floating around to get around it, but I think Microsoft needs to rethink the desktop part. Keep metro for tablets and novices, but allow us power user to use a normal desktop without resorting to hacks.  There are several that let you disable metro.  I also hate the fact that running more than one program is almost impossible.  I have a hexacore and i am running 20 or more progs at a time.



Can't wait for Windows 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windows 8 is a steaming pile of shit.



The reason why hovering on the windows icon on desktop mode is failing is because it is supposed to activate only when you hover on the lower right corner, not the windows icon itself.



im still trying to figure out how to get it to work on my Aplle Newton with boot camp can some one help please?!??



you get that screen when you do ctrl+f and click on "Apps" before typing in anything.

the above is what I get after navigating to the Start screen and typing "a." the same happens when you click ctrl+f and type "a"




I installed Win8 32 bit in my Lenovo S10-3t.  It is a convertible netbook.  Flip the screen around and it's a 10.1" tablet.  It came with Win7 Home Premium on it.  For the most part it worked fine in tablet ode.  Could be a little laggy at times with multitasking. A memory upgrade from 1 gig to 2 gigs solves this.  Had a gard time using the scroll bar on the side in IE and windows explorer due to the size of the bar and the size of my fingers.  Win8 solves that at least.    It IS more tablet friendly than Win7 is.  I prolly won't put this on my tower because I am a gamer.  I'm not comfortable cutting off my gaming to play with a new OS.  If I have to format soon I may repatition like 60 gigs or so to play with but it won't be my primary OS on my gaming rig until they work out the way the metro UI works with mice AND I see that my hardware vendors are starting to test drivers.  Mainly because of my X-Fi Platinum FPS.  Creative Labs sucks for new OSes.  Not willing to go to EVGA SLI3 onboard sound because I love my 12 year old DTT3500 speakers using the digital out jack on the sound card tan/orange colored 1/8th" jack.  I can't even find speakers that use that any more.  Sucks cuz I actually get true Dolby 5.1 from DVDs and Blu Rays.



thats ok i no longer use windows on my pc i am a new Ubuntu fan boy and my old gaming rig with win7 will stay win7 unless some one gives me win8 for free

laptop Ubuntu

every day used pc Ubuntu

kids acer 1 Ubuntu

gaming rig Win7 just because it has to be

media pc Mac

next media build Ubunta



Commendable.  If I get a free copy of Win8, I'll send it your way.




Are you using Win8 installed on a HD or SSD, and how does the startup time compare to Win7?



The system has a 7200RPM Western Digital hard drive. Load times are faster than Win7, but still not as fast as an SSD!



I tried to load up a VM in VMware Workstation 7.1.4 build-385536 and got no love.  Workstation errored before the ISO was fully loaded.  I hope to play with it more, but selecting Windows 7 x64 and trying an install was an utter fail.



1080p monitors, Mr. Case? For shame! Any MaximumPC power user knows that 16:10 is the one ratio to rule them all.



Well, my main production system has three 2560x1600 30" monitors. So am I redeemed in your eyes? ;-)



I'm using it on my laptop (my only home computer) and it's been fine. Upon first boot it was pretty buggy and slow, but the updates available via Windows Update (you gotta manually launch it) fixed that.

I'd say it's just as usable as Windows 7. You just have to get used to a couple of the new features. Your screenshots are clearly manufactured to make the new interface look bad, but searching from the start screen is just as effective as searching in the Windows 7 start menu.

If you're at the start screen, just start typing and you'll automatically being seeing apps, files and settings results as you type. Obiously if you only type "e" or something, you're going to see a lot of results, but if you type 4-5 letters you'll start getting more useful results. 

I'm also using the 64-bit edition, and have been using Photoshop CS5.5 64-bit with no problems. I haven't tried playing any 3D games, however.

I've heard that the Metro mouse interactions aren't complete yet, and will be getting better with future releases (there will be two more publically available releases before it goes final, one beta and one release candidate).

However, I'd rather get used to the new UI and features as they come rather than running back to the old way of doing things after ten seconds of poking around.


Insula Gilliganis

Been using Windows 8 x64 dev build on one of my laptops, a 2009 Compaq with a T4200 @ 2.00GHz, 4GB of RAM and 500GB WD Scorpio Blue 7200rpm and, even though I did the "iffy" registry hack (found at which enables the Start menu and gets rid of or hides the tablet features, I have had no problems of any kind although I haven't loaded it with much yet.. stuff like CCleaner, Chrome, SRWare Iron, VLC.. no crashes of any kind yet.

Boot times are around 20 seconds, so much faster than when this same machine had Vista on it, even after a clean, non-Compaq Vista install. I am sure if I had an SSD instead of the Scorpio, boot times might be more like 15 seconds or less. Boot times are so much better that I often now use "shutdown" instead of "sleep".




I tried dvdshrink and found the colors all corupted on the finished movie. Im not sure whats causing this, but shrink works fine on this box using xp or vista or 7.

boot time after post 17 sec.

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