Can Open-Source Software Help a Recession?



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Semantic arguments aside, the open source movement is generally consider a cheaper, if not free alternative to proprietary, commercial software in the enterprise market. dvd creator, burn mp4 to dvd



Open source still has some hidden costs, while free reporting software (e.g. does not.

There's a lot of value companies can squeeze out of a free reporting BI solution in a time of recession.



There is a huge difference between BI and reporting tools: Reporting tools does not contain any intelligence where BI tools in general do.



Can Open-Source Software Help a Recession? – David Murphy – 11.14.2008

Scott Bennett – Irving, TX

Regarding the article titled ‘Can Open-Source Software Help a Recession?’ I completely agree with what you are saying about both sides. Open-Source content is a very good way for companies to save a lot of money, but as you said, open-source content isn’t entirely free, much like most of the coupons you get there is always some sort of catch to it.

Open-Source HAS become something very large within the past view years, opening up the restrictions on programs is a huge thing that many people can come to appreciate. In many ways I appreciate the development of a lot of these open-source programs in the fact that they make starting small businesses much easier with the cost savings, and I know that how small businesses are doing is a good first sign of how our current economy is doing, so essentially, you fix the small business, you fix the economy.

Even though not all open-source software is free, with the costs of reference manuals and proprietary versions as you have said, I do believe that a majority of small businesses at least will be able to afford this minor cost in comparison to the commercial software in the enterprise market.



 An interesting look on a subject that I wouldn't have thought about. Thank you.


"There's no time like the future."





It is the time when we have to consider the value of saving. It is important to always predict things before it hits you. We all know that at any time we can be destructed by financial and economic problems, also, layoffs has been hitting records recently. Many working Americans will now have to consider proper budgeting. We all get used to spending our money with things we don't really need. Spending habits of consumers has been the reason why a specific country suffers from economic downturn. If you lose your job then you usually have no choice but to cut your spending back. For those who are fortunate enough to have survived cuts, they probably would do well to be squirreling away a little more towards savings or retirement. That isn’t to say that you should cut all of it out completely, but a little spending here and there will go a long way.

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