Byte Rights: A New McCarthyism



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The Department of Homeland Security is involved ergo anyone loosely related to copyright infringement is a terrorist... true story >.>



I believe the more recent take down notices make no mention of the DHS. At least by my observation, because I definitely noticed when they looked like they do above, and was surprised when I didn't see them on one I saw recently.

Of course, I found it odd (and potentially very scary) because they should have nothing to do with trying to stop a guy who was linking to free sports feeds.




The department of Commerce would not have anything to do with this dog and pony show. So, they got the only Federal Law enforcement Agency DUMB enough to creat the TSA......... DHS. They will do what ever they are told to do by the big dollar suits behind this. Don't worry if its completely unethical or contrary to a little document called the Constitution, it won't matter in GITMO. Call em terrorist, and ship them off to cuba!



I wonder what this has to do with "Homeland Security". I'd say it's more appropriate for the Dept. of Commerce . . .



So blatant... So un-american... MPAA might be able to make the congress get our own Firewall of China.

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