Byte Rights: Music Copyright Vs. Basic CS 2



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I think one of the main problems is that lawmakers are from an older generation so they either don't understand new technology or they see it completely different than the generations of our time. It's nice to see that they finally got it though and put a stop to ridiculous rules in favor of fair use.



It is nice to hear some positive news. "The Death of Common Sense" came to mind when I saw the illustration above. The laws governing or affecting the web need to be revised.



The man has bilked mahy people out of their hard earned money (not the least of which was his old Linux company Linspire)

He has no business running a business....he should be washing dishes somewhere

He's nothing more than a modern day con man.



This is good news.

In former times people bought records and made cassette copies of them for portable and auto use. (Also to better preserve the vinyl.) The music industry then wanted to screw with cassette manufacturers and limit their use or get "compensated" for every blank tape sold.

Music aficionados today often make copies of CDs using secure ripping methods. I personally preserve my CDs as bit-identical FLAC copies with cue sheets and such. It should be our right to make personal-use copies of our physical media that we purchased. If the RIAA is losing money from piracy then they should consider adapting their business model rather than trying to punish fair-users.

Where and how people store copies of legitimately purchased music is none of their business. Only when copyrighted material is made freely available to others, without the consent of the copyright holder, do they have a case.

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