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Why is the executive and legislative branches of a democratic society are working hand-in-hand with a private entity (comprosed of many other for profit entities)?

Not only that, these mega media lobbyists are flexing public muscles (paid for by tax dollars) and have an influence in other sovereign state.

People should be outrage by this!



This is no longer a democracy: it's a totalitarian corporation. The corporations have taken over our government, and are working hard to make us the new incarnation of the soviet union, but without the freer expression of ideas the soviets were known for. :-(



The more I read articles about things like this, the more I become disappointed in being an American citizen.  Our country is looking more and more like the playground bully to the rest of the world, and it makes me want to hang my head in shame.  I have written to my policy makers on several occasions to speak my views on these subjects, and I always seem to get the canned response, "Yes, yes...  your views are important to us.  We will ignore your letters and emails in the order in which they were received..."  I think that our administration has lost touch with all reality and of course is no longer representing us the people, but those of Big Business and the Deep Pockets...

Do they not remember what happened to the likes of Rome or other empires once they got too fat and corrupt...  The larger they are, the harder they fall...  And I'm betting there is going to be one big quake when this one hits...  *sigh*



Sounds about right for that left wing traitor Eric Ballholder.



Another eye-opening article, Ms. Norton.  Thank you and keep up the good work!



The More I Know...

...the less I understand.




"Are the paranoid whims of big media companies really worth damaging the First Amendment, our relationship with two allies, and the credibility of our law enforcement?"

Apparently the answer is "yes".



Wow... just Wow.

Okay maybe a bit more.

This really shows who's in control in the US goverment.

I've always thought that the laws of any given country are their's alone and that any one in said contry, visitor or citizen, was subject to those laws only. The idea behind extradition is to stop people from escaping the due process of law by skipping the country. I'm not sure where international law would come into play here but I don't think it's involved (yet).

So how can the DHS, which was empowered to protect the US from terrorists, demand another country turn over their own citizen for an action that isn't a crime in either country and has nothing to do with terrorisits? For what at best would be a civil case and a dubious one at that.



Bottom line?

The US Government can do as it pleases and does NOT need permission from any other Country.

Extradition is simply asking nicely to save face.

If the US Government wants you bad enough, they will get you, period!

Urging over any of this is mute. The US will win every time!



And you live where?

Every heard the term "ugly American"?

There's a reason people say that.

The US goverment and some of it's citizens may think the US gets whatever they want whenever they want it. But I'm afraid the truth is the US's shine has faded a bit over the years. And untill some people start to realize that your not one, but one of many on this global stage you'll just be living in denial.



I think this shows that there is something very wrong and corrupt going on in the U.S. law and security agencys. The people of the U.S. need to speak out and clean up this BS, hard to do though when your government is run by big corporations



"and—I can't seem to say this enough times—he faces extradition for something that isn't even criminal here."

Hear, hear!






The DHS has too much power and it's bullying everyone even its subdivision (TSA).

DHS STOP the bully, bully is illegal in the US.

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