Byte Rights: The Crappy House Remix



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What's really fraked up is that all of the big corporations that support SOPA such as Time Warner, ABC, etc, are all at the root of Internet piracy.

Viacom owns CBS Interactive, which includes, C|Net, and ZDNet, where filesharing software such as Kazaa has been hosted and distributed freely for over a decade.  Yeah, you could download Kazaa elsewhere, like on all of Viacom's other affiliate websites.

There's much more to it, like how one of the SOPA suporters was a Co-Founder of C-Net (, on the board of directors for the Warner Music Group, and worked with the RIAA.  Or how Disney had the balls to promote it's own file sharing service  with a search engine it called "Scour" whilst suing Scour at the very same time.

More in video: 



Here is how you stop SOPA:  if it is passed, as soon as it comes out, you start submitting copywrite infringement complaints against each and every company and domain that supported the bill.  At SPAM levels.  You go down the list and then you go down the client list of every list, and you submit a complaint for each and every one.

Since it seems there are no checks and balances in this system, Sony, EMG, EA (you slippery bastards) and friends should all be down within a day and blacklisted from the internet.  One can dream, I suppose.



I don't personally agree with the writing of sopa as I fear that this has nothing to do with copyright protection. It sounds like a way to limit public access to critical news and communications just like what was done during the protests in the middle east by their governments. Who is to say what is copyright infringement, twitter, facebook, sms messaging? In my opinion it is just another step to the new U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America) fully equiped with all the trimmings of the former USSR.


Turbo Charge

Ahh yes remember the old days of book burning, how can this be much diff and I agree with Eoraptor give some info on how to prevent this crap from happening Miss Norton, I like your articles and seem pretty smart and some what of a fighter for the peoples rights so any tips and tricks to fight this would be great.


Turbo Charge

Thank You Very Much ABouman



Hey Turbo, check out the following links to petitions:!/petition/stop-e-parasite-act/SWBYXX55

you can also find a list of companies that are supporting SOPA (and how to contact them) here:



Old News is Old.

Honestly, what more is there to say about this now, and there's nothing in this aricle we didn't know three months ago. Please at least try to provide something relevant to us, the reading and concerned public? Such as new and varied ways to fight SOPA and PIPA or a list of whom is for or against it?

This article seems like keyword fishing to me.

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